My First Homecoming Dance

My First Homecoming Dance

Thank you to Honeycomb for helping me plan my first Q at the Homecoming site. Six strong PAX took on the Weddington Middle School/Elementary School campus with bravado. I had a morning planned so that we would mix it up with running, rocks, pain stations, even a trail run. We circled up at the Middle School parking lot – COT – for the disclaimers. DICCS given.

The Warm Up – Mosey from Middle School parking lot to side parking lot for Toe Taps (curb step-up’s) along the curb to loosen up the legs. Mosey to the bus lot behind the Middle School and circle up. Warm up exercises consisted of:

  • 20 X SSH
  • 20 – Imperial Walkers
  • Jimmy Dugan – center, left, right – walk it out to a plank
  • Calf stretch
  • Frankenstein

The Thang – After warm up, our first challenge started with 5 lights to which we alternated between 10 Hand Release Merkins and 10 WWII Sit-Up’s (Also called Big Boy Sit-Up’s). This was headed towards 12 Mile Creek Rd. so loop back around to the six when you finish. We carefully crossed 12 Mile Creek Rd. (trying to make sure Blue Screen didn’t get hurt) and the next pain station was more lights! Five lights at the entrance of the Elementary School started us on: 20 Carolina (North Carolina) Dry Docks and 20 Mountain Climbers, alternating between the two exercises. Flutter till the six gets finished. Mosey to the Elementary School parking lot and line up for suicides. Starting line do 10 Plank Jacks. Run to second line and do 10 Jump Squats. Run back to start for CDD’s, up will be every two lines – six lines in total for the suicides. In the large part of the paring lot we set up for a Starfish…HOLD THE PHONE…we need to make this more interesting. Go grab a lifting rock! (there were some that needed to return their rock) You will keep your rock with you the whole time! Starfish (with rock) consisted of 5 Burpees in the middle each time. Four corners were Curls, Overhead Press, Triceps Extension, Bench (on Back) Press – I don’t know the correct name for that one. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Found a small corridor that had plenty of benches so we did a quick mosey over for Dips and Step-Up’s. 20 Dips and 20 Step-up’s – rinse and repeat 3 times. Another mosey brought us to our trail run (I had never been on this trail so I hope Chicken Little knows where he is going). We had one stop in the trail for some Bobby Hurley’s to collect the PAX (OK me!). Finish run and mosey to entrance of the Elementary School for the final pain station. Partner up! 200 LBC’s as a team – Mike Tysons as a team – we said 100 but we were running out of time, do two sets. Donkey Kicks as a team till we got down to two minutes left. Mosey back to COT.

The Moleskin– Thank you all for getting out of bed (No fartsacking!) today and aiding me through my first Q at Homecoming. I have done some workouts here, but not enough. I must admit, I required the assistance of Honeycomb to help me create my masterpiece. There is a ton of things to do on this campus, so it was fun putting this together and sharing it with the five of you. I am very thankful and proud that I was able to lead this great bunch of guys today!

Announcements – Need help today at 8:30 am with Christ’s Closet. Too late for that one! The Sit Q’s still need help with filling spots. Please step up and contact your Site Q’s to see how you can step up and LEAD!

Prayer and Family Photo – A special prayer request was made by myself for my sister in-law Pat Holman who died last Wednesday from gastro complications. Our thoughts and prayers go out to my Brother John as he goes through these difficult times.

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