Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive

YHC pulled into the lot with a minute to spare, Floorslapper was not far behind and O’ Tannenbaum was not far behind Slapper….and Udder was even further behind OT, thus, 11 of Area 51’s finest launched into the the unseasonably warm gloom of the darkest AO in the region.

So here’s some Thang and some Moleskinnage:

Moseyed down to the track for a warmup lap and COT behind the end zone.  Standard COP including the obligatory flatulence during the flutter kicks.  Plan was to do some work on the football field but YHC heeded the “Stay Off the Field” signage, so we instead availed ourselves of one of the baseball fields.  Baseball’s more to my liking anyway.

Triple Nickel on the field with dry docks & jump squats on either end.

Bear crawl to stairwell, grab a lifting rock not a running rock.

At this point, Sardine claims I had pax running with rocks one time at Hawks Nest.  #fakenews. Running with rocks or rucks is just plain stupid.

Rock work including thrusters, triceps, old school sit-up’s, Lougainis, etc, etc.

Back to the diamond for another triple nickel – burpees & Freddy Mercury’s

People’s Chair

6 Minutes O’ Mary


Other observations:

  • May have been some dueling headbands between Circuit City & Sardine
  • Udder’s not scared to drive 30 minutes to post at Basecamp.  T-claps.
  • Marvel is a silent assassin
  • OT was gearing up to caddy at the pro-am at Quail this morning #dannynoonan
  • Jet Fuel is getting married on May 21st.  None of you are invited.
  • Memorial Day 1-hour workout at 7am at Basecamp.

By the way, the “Maximum Overdrive” title is because a huge tractor-trailer was parked near the launch lot and was running the enter time.  Ask Geraldo or Puddin’ for a synopsis of that Stephen King flick.

Not a ton of mumble chatter.  Solid crew.  Thanks to Magoo & Thunder for tapping me to Q.

Have a great week sports fans.

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2 years ago

All I remember is a demonic tractor trailer with a giant green goblin face and a deadly coke machine shooting projectile cans.

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