SpaceX crew teaming with The Orchid

SpaceX crew teaming with The Orchid

Posted on behalf of Orchid


Warm up

Group Moseyed from COT to silver globe and once around to warm those hands.  Warmup exercises included:

20 SSH

20 Empire Strikes Back aka. Imperial Walkers

29 LBC’s

15 Merkins

Calf Stretch

The Thang

Mosey from globe around back of school back towards the COT. Everyone picked a parking spot.

  1. 20 Air Squats the lunge walks to another spot.  Run back to original spot……
  2. Freeze, the group was mesmerized by what was flying across the sky.  Nobody knew what it was but guessed included: a Comet, UFO, Helicopter, Plane
  3. Next set….. 20 Heels to heaven, bear crawl back
  4. 20 Flutters – Frog hop to other side, run back – backwards.
  5. 20 Plank Jacks – high knees out, butt kickers on way back

Found our way to rocks and did the following:

1st set:  25 Bi’s, Tri’s Shoulders, Chest, American Hammers

2nd set: 15 of same

3rd set: job around track with rock in hand

Mosey back to COT for stretch and Moroccan Night Club

At Coffee after, the Pax did some research to find that the shiny object in the sky was the launch of the Nasa Space X Crew with 4 astronauts heading to outer space. Really cool view.  I enjoyed my first Q and thanks to all that attended and supported me.   “The Orchid”

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