Sportsplex Heaven

Sportsplex Heaven

Did you hear? Backblasts are required again. It feels like 2015 and it’s great. Waxhaw isn’t gonna know what hit them once A51 takes back our lands. Our forefathers didn’t build AOs across S. Charlotte, indoctrinate middle aged men with beer guts and destroy morning coffee routines with their wives for a town named Wax-Haw to become the premier region in North Carolina. This BS has got to stop RIGHT NOW!!!


By the way, “post workout selfies” are reserved for Orange Theory, Lifetime Fitness pilates classes, and co-ed Cross Fit gyms…which is really just in-person Tinder, but with loud grunting…on that note, maybe they’re exactly the same.


On to the BB….


10 fools got to Seaboard at 0515 and didn’t get back until 0618 after wrapping up exactly 6.2 miles.


A rare Sparta disclaimer was given and we headed out into the cool dark morning.




Ran to my favorite place in Charlotte – Matthews Sportsplex


  • Forbidden Field (first fields you get to, only grass fields at Sportsplex, you have to pay to play, but not before 7am)
    • Large lap – at one end do 10 merkins at other end do 10 merkins, 5x (100 merkins total)
    • At Pavillion
      • Round 1 – Partner 1 runs lap, partner 2 does dips – 2x
      • Round2 – Partner 1 runs lap,, partner 2 does derkins -2x
    • At hill along the road
      • Partner 1 runs .1 mile down and back one side of the hill
      • Partner 2 runs .07 miles down and reverse up the hill
      • 2x
    • Run back




Excellent group out there today. Love when Sparta gets to 10+ guys as it used to have 2-4 when Gypsy first willed the workout into existence. Also love doing COT with Peak 51 because it’s always a 20+ guy group.


Sportsplex is like heaven to me and I can’t believe it’s free to use. You go out there on a sunny day with a football and some sandwhiches and you are good to go.


Mile High was a site-FNG and has posted the past 2 days – I’m pushing for a 3 peat tomorrow morning. He loved the reverse run up the hill so much I’m pretty sure he’s hooked.


Cage, 61 years young, was killing it today and seems to move even faster on cool mornings.


Thankfully Smokey, who Q’d Peak 51, was also running behind and made it back 3 minutes late as well so we could all pray together (thanks to Tweetsie for the take out).


Lex Luthor will do any random challenge  you put in front of him. If you tell him that there’s a challenge where guys carry a dog over their shoulders, climb up a mountain in flip flops and can only drink Stawberry Fanta he will sign up. He heard Joker was doing the 4x4x48 or something like that. You run 4 miles, every 4 hours, until you get to 48 miles. He was recruiting HARD this morning for it and if anyone asked a question about it he counted them in. Pretty sure Funky & Christmas got looped into it.


Christmas, Full House and Funky led the charge this morning with most of the group keeping an excellent pace and staying very close together. No one was far behind today.


BRR prep is starting soon so it’s time to get some miles in. Full House expressed some interest in joining a team and can definitely keep a good pace. Keep an eye out for a rookie of the year award if he decides to sign up.


Cage gave us some gardening tips as it’s getting below 30 tonight. Renfrow Hardware has a sweet strategy that has caught me off guard many times. They get a full greenhouse of plants on March 15th and get you pumped up to plant your crops.


I’m a sucker for gardening (it’s a man’s sport, you just don’t know it yet) and I can’t wait to put stuff in the ground. Then, as sure as the dawn, the frost arrives around April 1st and kills everything and you have to buy it all over again. Double revenue.


For those of you who came here for gardening advice, when I moved to Charlotte in 1995 we were zone 7, now we are zone 8 so things do change. Global warming is good news for gardeners, also good news if you have a 2nd row beach house.


Very good pace from top to bottom today. Pleasure leading.


Madison takes a break from frisbee and takes the Q at Kevlar tomorrow. Bundle up!




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3 months ago

Orange Whip coming in hot! And don’t forget to comment on your favorite backblasts – that’s also required!

Ickey Shuffle
3 months ago

This was a good read. My grape vines started bud break this week, so of course we’re getting frost tonight. That freak May frost decimated them last year and cost me the 2020 vintage. I think next weekend should be safe to plant peppers and tomatoes though.

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