Not Much Mileage, but Rubbery Legs Anyhow

Not Much Mileage, but Rubbery Legs Anyhow

My 3rd Q and my 3rd bootcamp since torn meniscus surgery in December…great to be back…and ahead of schedule!  Now if we could get the rain to go away…well, it did for the most part during the workout, but we did spend some time on the ground, so getting soaked was unavoidable.

PAX slowly exited their vehicles with just over a minute to spare…DICCS given and we’re off.

We start with a mosey to the shed and we begin to warm-up: 

50 SSH (in cadence)
25 Merkens (on my down)
25 Bobby Hurleys (on my up)
50 Speed Skaters (on your own)

Let’s stretch a bit…

10 Potato Pickers (in cadence)
Calf Stretch (for a 10 count)
Upward Dog (for a 10 count)
Cat Stretch (for a 10 count)

Enough of the fun stuff, let’s get at it… 

From the shed we work our way back to the parking lot completing the same 3 exercises at each lamplight, building from 5 reps each and adding an additional rep at each stop ending up completing 13 reps at the end.  Exercises: LBCs, Carolina Dry Docks, and Bomb jacks.

I’m still the six, so most everyone else had a rough go of it waiting for the 6 to get in while doing Goofballs.

Now for an Indian Run to the Middle School overhang and we partner up.  PAX 1 runs around the traffic island while PAX 2 does mountain climbers.  This continues with squats, high-knees, and plank jacks.  I’m the 6 again and the other PAX do some step-ups.

Thinking the Weinke was 5 or so minutes behind schedule at this point, I cut short the next phase of the workout by having the PAX sprint the length of the traffic island and return by backpedaling – – the Weinke as envisioned called for 4 rounds of this…turns out we could have done it…oh, well, next time.

We mosey back to COT with about 5 minutes to go and it’s time for PAX Choice.  I don’t remember who called each exercise, but we went from Moroccan Night Clubs to LBCs to one-legged squats to off-set merkens on the curb and, finally, to a mosey around the COT lot…great work brothers!

My Two Cents…

I’ve missed the bootcamps so much and I’m glad I’m well enough to rejoin and get back to my weight loss journey in earnest.  While it is imperative that you, the individual, must want to routinely wake up for 5:30 am workouts, rain or shine, having the F3 Brotherhood to inspire you and hold you accountable strengthens the resolve.  I have to also spotlight the importance of the MASH unit for those that are injured, for those that think a bootcamp might be too much, and for those that just need a running break.  MASH workouts are legit tough, pretty much Diesel everyday and always growing with new challenges.  Centerfold, Mayhem, Penalty Box, and Bunyan have this operation running right.  Lastly, there seem to be more Respects these days than youngsters like my 47 y/o self…that’s an awesome inspiration!  See you next week for my Diesel Q!

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