The Truncated Starfish

The Truncated Starfish

15 veteran PAX gathered in the warmish gloom at a rather large south Charlotte church named Calvary at 0530 on a Wednesday morning, 10 February, in the Year of our Lord 2021.  YHC muttered something about “having fun” in the disclaimer, which was totally lame to begin with, made even more so by this pathetic promise.  Pain?  Yes.  Fun?  Hardly.  Off we marched to the Astroturf courtyard…


Sprinklers, Peter Parkers, LSS, Shoulder Tap Merkins, Plank Hold, 6 inch Plank Hold

The Main Event

Alf once called the Calvary parking lot a “hectare of asphalt” which really cracked YHC up at the time.  1 hectare = 2.471 acres (thank you, Wolfram Alpha website — great info for geek engineers like YHC).  YHC is fairly certain the Calvary packing lot is > 2.471 acres, but YHC does not have the time to cross check this claim against Google Maps.  Let’s take it on faith that the parking lot is HUGE with ample running space.  Using the Astroturf Courtyard as home base, YHC led the PAX in a large starfish using the 4 Calvary drive entrances as the legs or arms or tentacles of the starfish.  Before you people correct this statement with “a starfish has 5 legs or arms or tentacles”, YHC knows this fact, so save your breath.  Let’s call it the Truncated Starfish, hence the title of this BB.

At each entrance, the PAX performed a Merkin-Mary set.  10 ea. OYO.  Return to Home Base for 10 Jump Squats each time.

Mosey to the Main Rock Pile and grab a lifting rock.

Thrusters, Curls, Triceps, Shoulder Press – 10 ea. – AMRAP for 30 seconds.  YHC had to memorize the proper keystrokes on my Timex Indiglo Non-Smart watch in order to activate the 30 second timer because a) YHC refuses to wear reading glasses during a workout and b) YHC cannot count to 30 in his head.  10 second rest between sets.  Replace rocks and mosey to The Pole.

If you were present at YHC’s most recent RZ Q, then you recall “Kiss the Pole” with great fondness.  Learning from past mistakes is a sign of adulting, so YHC is told, but we ran to The Pole nonetheless.  15 MC’s IC.  “High Tail it” to the Hot Box for Derkins, Step-ups, and Dips.

Mosey to the Baby Rock Pile, stopping for 10 plank knee-ups at the speed humps, and grab a walking rock.  Take a lap around the median with rock held high.  Place rock on the ground.  10 Merkins with right hand on the rock.   Flap Jack.  10 Merkins with Left hand on the rock.  Replace rock and mosey to launch.



Great work by the PAX this morning.  There were 4 Respects amongst us – Snooka, Snowflake, Lazy Boy, and Hopper.  These guys are always crushing it and inspiring others along the way.  Kotters to Hops who has been holed up under quarantine lockdown for 2 weeks as his youngest 2.0 dealt with the Vid.  All is well at the Hops household, happy to report.  Evidently, there was a hot debate amongst several PAX to settle the age-old question, Bee Gees or Eagles?  YHC can only speculate that Clover issued various “would you rather…” questions to the PAX in addition to his participation in the musical debate.  As always, it was an honor to Q this workout and thanks to Lorax and Point Break for their site Q leadership.


Prayers for Jennings Palmer, as the family is at St. Jude’s in Memphis and will be for months as Jennings battles leukemia for the 2nd time.

Prayers for our leaders and our country during this divisive time.

Blood drive on Feb. 19th at Brace YMCA

Roll Tide


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9 months ago

Couple other thoughts from the morning’s goings-on:
Puddin’ Pop failed a TV trivia question for the first time I can remember. Long live Theodoric of York. By the way, that will be the next FNG name I’m Q’ing.
I did not kiss the pole, thank goodness; but I did slightly pull my hectare.

Ickey Shuffle
9 months ago

After the disco era ended and the ensuing backlash, The Bee Gees wrote songs for other artists like Celine Dion and Dionne Warwick. They also wrote Islands in the Stream which Kenny and Dolly immortalized. Noel Gallagher of Oasis claims their early folk catalog as a big inspiration.

Last edited 9 months ago by Ickey Shuffle
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