Always bet on the horse that pees right before the start

Always bet on the horse that pees right before the start

A mid week audible had Geraldo asking me to Q Rock Zero.  I was do.  The last time I Q’ed the site was still a zoom workout.  A little smack talk from Benny on Friday didn’t really change the plan.  It was going to be awful either way.  But it was good to hook Benny into a Rock Zero post and back-to-back bootcamp days for him.

12 men posted up for the 7am launch.  A disclaimer was provided although BLC missed most of it as he had to find a bush on campus to take a leak.

Mosey over to see if we can possibly find some open parking lot big enough for COP.

COP – SSH, Lunges, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Plank Jacks, & Wide Arm Merkins.

Run over to rock pile.  Grab something respectable, but not to big.  we will be moving with it.

Knock out some curls at the rock pile.

Head towards the top of 5 Knolls with stops for triceps and overhead presses.

Leave rocks at top of 5 Knolls and head to the bottom.  At bottom due 5 Burpees, 5 Romanian Dead Lifts each leg.  Run to top, do 5 Thrusters with rock and 5 Bent Over Rows with rock.  Back to bottom and repeat with sets of 10, 15, 20, and 25.

Mary while we wait on the six.  Head back to launch with some Mary stops and a Rifle carry down the block.  Drop off rocks and make it back to launch for 2 minutes of LBC, Freddy Mercury, and Dolly.



Big League Chew took full advantage off that pre-game piss (and the smallest rock of the group) and was crushing the 5 Knolls circuit.  Mermaid previously mentioned he had to bail early to make it back home as his M was heading out.  I didn’t realize early was 7:30.  I think that the time quickly got earlier as soon as he did 2 rounds and then he had to leave.

Snoopy was the horse that pulled up lame after round 2 – hope you are healing up.

I feel like there should be more to write but it’s been far to long since the workout so let’s just get this thing posted.


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