Coke vs. Pepsi? No competition

Coke vs. Pepsi? No competition

8 Coke-loving PAX were lucky enough to be every other PAX counted selected into the good RED group at Impromptu.  Since Deadwood took the BLUE group counter clockwise, we went clockwise.


  • SSH x 15
  • Merkins x 10
  • PP x 10
  • MC x 10
  • 6″ Plank Jack x 10
  • Imperial Squawkers x 10


  • 11’s:  Donkey Kick x 1/Hold for 10/Merkins x 10
  • Rock 4 Corners:
    • Rock work for various exercises x 20
    • P1 and P2 run opposite ways around parking lot; meet and do exercises
      • Knee Slaps x 20, Dorothy Hurleys x 10, Burpees x 5
      • Race your partner back to start for 5 loser burpees
  • Plank Work
  • Derkin laps
    • P1 runs lap, P2 does Derkins x 2
  • Sprints to finish
  • COT for Have a Nice Day . . . Best finishing exercise in the land


  • SICKNESS ALERT:  A new sickness called “COMFY-20” is trying to take over COVID-19 as the most dangerous disease in the area
    • This sickness has many symptoms:  Fartsacking, Back-of-the-Pack-itis, Loneliness, Same ole workout schedule, First F-itis
    • First step to avoid it:  Be sure to wear a mask text a buddy and hold each other accountable for showing up
    • Get Tested:  Try something new (ex. Ignition/Running workout, 2nd F Happy Hour, 3rd F QSource/Bible Study)
  • I know it is said a lot and sometimes people might not mean it but these men worked hard today
    • Those runs back to the rocks competing against your partner added a bit of energy
  • Shop Dawg is getting fast . . . Nice work pulling the group today on the fast mosey . . . I especially liked the pep talk you gave yourself
  • Job well done by Fiji today working with BreadBowl and encouraging him the entire time . . . Thanks for your leadership in this group and congrats again on becoming Site Q at Bushwood
  • Doughboy said he was feeling the 2 weeks off . . . With your work ethic, you will be back in shape in no time
  • BreadBowl was not his normal self today . . . I didn’t hear one wise crack
  • Recalculating might be crusty but the old young guy keeps crushing workouts even with some injuries . . . Love working out with you
  • JWow has been showing up on weekdays and it is paying off . . . You were leading the way on sprints
  • Chainsaw SNUCK by without letting anybody know it is his birthday today . . . I could have used 61 burpees to close out that workout . . . Well done on earning RESPECT x 2 by pushing at every workout
  • AWESOME to see the campus buzzing today . . . 3 workout groups, lots of 2nd F conversations, QSource, and 100 PAX Challenge committee meeting . . . If you weren’t involved in any of that, you are missing out . . . Get plugged in . . . F3 is not F1


  • Saturday:  3 workouts in Waxhaw @ 0700 (Nesbit, Walnut Creek, Weddington Middle)
  • Memorial Day:  Holiday hours (Ignition @ 0645 and Flash @ 0700)

YHC took us out . . . Happy Memorial Day Weekend . . . Lots to be thankful for . . . Look around and give back/thanks

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