5-2-1 go!

5-2-1 go!

So the Bratwurst plan had us down for a long run today at an “easy” pace. The goal was pretty simple, start at Nesbit, run through Walnut Creek, fly by Blackhawk, and turn around when we hit 521.

We started off as a group of 5 but Rubbermaid pulled a Legalized in the first half mile and moved to Commitment.

Hollywood and I settled into a pace that was quicker than we should have been moving but made it to 521 and back and a little over 8 miles

Dasher and Deadwood were smart and stuck to the goal pace and got in about 7.5 miles. Kuddos to them.

My goal for next week (besides taking a rest day) is to try and be better about staying in the training range for pace and trusting the process.

Walnut Creek is ridiculously hilly. Besides the one stretch by Blackhawk the ENTIRE run was either uphill or downhill. We have our next hill workout location figured out.

Great job to the guys who posted today.

Next Waxhaw Express day is Tuesday at 5:45am from Watchtower.

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