Out the Gate

Out the Gate

F3 real-deal workouts are back. 10 posted and YHC was inclined to give a disclaimer regarding personal safety, modification per one’s own volition, and throwing down some work. Hops was last in and the QIC was forced to cut his calf-rolling short. 0530 and time to go.

Mosey out from Amelie’s and through Jack In the Box parking lot. Out the gate, YHC nearly went down, not due to tripping over anything while running, rather, something not quite working right in the left ankle. Held it together and stayed upright. That was weird. No bother the rest of the time. Stretching may have been helpful here. Continue mosey across 51. Right on 51 to WF lot.


SSH x 10 IC

10 Burpees OYO

IW x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

MC x 10 IC

Peter Parker x 10 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Flutter x 50 IC

5 Burpees OYO

Mosey North on 51 to the Panera/Bonefish/Solar Nails plaza. Triple Nickel with Heels to Heaven and Hand-Release Burpees. Mary/Plank series.

Mosey down Little Ave to McMahon Dr. Rock Pile. Grab a lifting rock.

10 curl/10 tri extensions/10 Thrusters. Repeat x 2

Mosey down Little. Left into CCHS campus to Stairwell 1 of Tartarus. Chair Plank.

AYG to Stairwell 2. Up to level 4. 10 Wide arm Merkin/10 Carolina Dry Docks. AYG to Stairwell 1 and down to ground level. Mary. AYG to Stairwell 3. Up to level 4. 10 Diamond Merkin/10 Dry Docks. AYG to Stairwell 1 and down to ground level. Plank-o-rama: RLH/LLH/Hip Slappers, Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather Rib Shots, Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10/6 inches/RLH/LLH.

AYG up Stairwell 1 and back down. Mosey over to the Chipotle cut-through and across 51 to launch lot. Finish off with some Mary and Plank stuff.



Man, I missed Centurion. Moreso the pax than the AO, though it is, arguably, the best A51 AO. Been using the campus for OTB workouts since the plague hit. Hadn’t seen many of the pax until today. Great to be back out and doing official F3 workouts.

As previously noted, Hops showed up at the bell. He still pulled out the roller for the calf. Also had some brand new shoes on. Always nice to get some new kicks and run a little faster. Just like when you were a kid. Runstopper is staying put for a change. M is serving lunch and dinner. Not a bad gig. Snuka didn’t skip a beat. That old guy is fast as ever. Great to see neighbors Uncle Phil and Deputy Dog. YHC did not recognize DD. Had been a while. Apologies for calling him #RawDawg when asking for a 10-count. He didn’t respond. Point Break and Clover seem to have gotten into even better shape during the plague lockdown. Margo forgot the shovel flag, but, at least he showed. Continued to #refusenik the SSH, but YHC has seen him actually do some in the recent past. Thunder Road pushed hard. Chelms did not post. Missed him.

Again, great to be back out. We need this. Isolation is a dangerous place for human beings. Keep posting. Check on your neighbors, friends, people you think may be in need. Give back however you can. We also need this. A lot of people are in a bad place right now. Unemployment is around 20%. People are holed up in small spaces trying to teach kids and find work. Lastly, keep spreading the word about F3. Now is a prime example of when someone needs a men’s group to workout, fellowship with, and, get some 3F as well. Gyms are closed and flour is about sold out. That’s a lot of cookies going down gullets.

T-claps to Uncle Phil for the takeout prayer. See you guys soon.


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5 months ago

The near-tumble at Jack- in-the-Box is what we call a hitch in your giddy up. We’re old. You & Margo should have invited more than 8 others. Could’ve split the pax into Covid-fearing compliant groups…just like we did at Hawks Nest 😏. Because of course a group of 11 or 13 or 17 is much more dangerous….
Burpees are difficult.
Also, Mermaid & I swapped coupons. Should we go get tested?
Thunder turned 47 on Tuesday. Did not do birthday burpees; didn’t do many today either!
Clover complimented me on my F3 shirt. Probably ought to get a few more.
Good to see you men. Hadn’t seen several of you in a while…did Dr. Phil and Deputy Raw Dog clowncar? Tell Covid to kiss your #%{!

Chelms aka Tatertot
5 months ago

Been posting 3 days per week in Brinton. Will switch back to Centurion next week

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