Phase 1

  • When:5/8/2020
  • QIC: Horsehead

Phase 1


Orange Whip, EE, Puddin Pop, Cottontail, Geraldo, Stone Cold, Horsehead (QIC)

7 mangy Kashykkian moofmilkers busted out of the Phase 1 gate right as it opened at 530.

The Thang:

  • Run to Library, the long way – warmup around back
  • Crazy 8s in the parking lot – run a figure 8 pattern with burpees in the middle and Merkins/Squats at the ends. Count down the burpees each time for 8 laps.
  • Bear Crawl down the brick walkway
  • 10/10/10s X3 on the bricks – derkins, step ups, nugget dippers
  • Suicides along the disgusting dumpsters – how are these so nasty with the restaurants closed?
  • Run to start – sprints by the railroad tracks, winner/flesh anchor calls Mary each time


This backblast is a product of peer pressure, from people who didn’t even post to this.  I was planning to kick my feet up and eat some of this imported bat jerky I just got in the mail from Ali Baba, but I suppose I can multitask.  Might as well join the other 99% of folks “working at home” this Friday.

You know what I hate?  No, not road cyclists and craft beer – that’s a given.  I‘m talking bout Zoom.  I hate me some Zoom.  It combines the worst aspects of a poor quality phone call and an awkward in-person meeting.  We tried a few Zoom workouts in April, and I suppose they met a need, but I am Zoooooomed out and can’t handle any more of this nonsense.  They were  funny though.  Turkey Leg looked like he was trapped in a Turkish Prison, Hoover had some sort of Exercise Apnea that overwhelmed the microphone, some random dude worked out with a kettlebell in his kitchen, and Cottontail’s garage looked like something from the Red Green show.  It was fun for about a week.  Time to move on.

We had a good time out in the real world this morning.  Followed all of the rulez and everything.  Cottontail came in all the way from Frog Pond to work out with us.  So did one of Puddin Pops farts.  Stone Cold had on some brand new shoes that he was awful proud of.  He got quite pale(r) when I threatened the mud, but we kept our powder dry.  EE told us about the caravan of food trucks patrolling his neighborhood that he’s too cheap to order from, but I expected no less from a man who chooses Grizzly over Kodiak.  Orange Whip has been huffing mold spores and was delusional.  All he would say was “My name is Larry, this is my brother Darryl and this is my other brother Darryl” over and over.  Oh, and I almost forgot Geraldo.  I don’t think he ever left from last week though.  He’s been working out continuously since April 1st.  Somebody told him that if he worked out for 30 days straight he could make Vice President at one of the banks in town.

Speaking of Geraldo, he tells me that DREAD himself is coming to Q The Rock tomorrow.  Tell you what, I’m ready for some F3 again.  I just ordered 7 of the Starter Kits.  For $25, it’s a real bargain.  I’m going to reboot myself and only speak in F3 jargon for the rest of May.  AYE BROTHER!  Let’s sharpen some iron!


So, lets’ get those starter kits on order and get back at it boys.  We’ve got a long summer ahead of us.




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5 months ago

Solid BB as always HH. Thanks for leading, it was a strong Q. That parking lot by Seaboard is looooong. Nice Red Green reference, haven’t seen that show in a long time. Looking forward to getting out in the gloom again.

5 months ago

Outstanding. Thank you. I hate road cyclists, too. But I love me some craft beer. And zoom is wearing thin. Had my first face-to-face 3rd F meeting today since all this Covid overreaction. A significant concern is that many actually prefer virtual meetings to real meetings. That’s troubling. Did anyone spell out their name in farts on the asphalt?

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