Warmed up early & often!

Warmed up early & often!

Fun group of 8 War Horses out this morning, most dawning old cotton hoodies that are no longer socially acceptable to wear outside of F3 workouts when temps are in the 20s (27 today…felt balmy compared to Tuesday’s 27 but with wind chill).  Pre-workout discussion about “VSCO Girl” – yes sorta “Granola”, but with $120 sandals and $50 water bottles…like “upscale crunchy granola”.  My gaudy old Packers sweatshirt tends to egg on the statement: “you’re from Wisconsin, so you like this weather.”  I wouldn’t say “like”, but I’d say it’s not a bother.  To be clear, Wisconsinites don’t tend to “like” cold – they just know how to dress for it because it because it’s cold so much of the year.  Then again, Heartbreaker has worn shorts the past 2 mornings!

At 5:31 we launched, realizing it would only be the 8 of us.  (Nobody “coming in hot”, and nobody still hiding in their heated cars.)

Disclaimer given as we got Moseying – not a pro, suggestions, modify, watch safety, can’t sue

The Thang:

Skipped warm-up circle and went strait up to Elm to get moving, and get warm.  Seemed to work.  Each short lamp post along the sidewalk (around 20?) do 3 Merkins & 3 Jump Squats (watch form!…head up on Merkins).  Most seemed sufficiently warm already.

Crossed to other corner of Elm & BallComm-

  • 10 Romanian Dead Lifts (no weight…yet),
  • 10 Peter Parker,
  • 10 Parker Peter.  

Mosey down to rocks at St Matt’s, grab lifting rock, bring to parking lot.

  • 10 Romanian Dead Lifts (with rocks!), and then
  • 10 Yugoslavian Gonad Stretcher…YA!  (distant cousin of several other exercises from Bulgaria, Transylvania, etc  but this one with rock).  Leave rock, for now.

Around St Matts – stop at each speed bump.  Keep switching off every other speed bump… (meet back at rocks)

  • 8 Diamond Merkins & 8 Monkey Humps
  • 8 Wide Merkins & 8 Flutters

Rocks…went around the horn, each Pax calling one.

  • Curls, Rows, Triple Lindy, Tri’s, Curls (again), Squats, Shoulder, etc

Mosey toward Harris Teeter, brief stop for

  • Superman (x10),
  • Plank Jacks (x10),
  • 6-inch plank jacks (x10),
  • That awesome Yoga stretch (that needs a name) that gets hammys and then hips (learned when Big Tuna Q’d a few months ago, and have do it every since).

All you’ve got back to base for brief Mary.  (Heartbreaker called like 300 Rosalita’s, and then Loogie called Heals to Heaven).


  • Wednesday’s are not a usual workout day for YHC.  I have an agreement with my M on number of days to be home in the AM, and when I’ll be gone.  Important to have those candid & healthy discussions from time to time, so see how we are doing as it relates to the home & family.
  • Great to see both Danica & Graffiti out there, both Kotter’s that “blame” Big Tuna for EH-ing them awhile back (all are colleagues).  Awesome job, and keep coming back out!
  • Strawberry & Heartbreaker are clearing on it in the new year.  Great push by both.  And great work by Heartbreaker who is still clean on his “Dry-uary” commitment.
  • Loogie turned 49 yesterday and celebrates by posting in the Gloom.  Even with one arm, he keeps pumping along.  At one point I’m sure he was spinning a rock on his finger like a Harlem Globetrotter.
  • Patent Pending always has comic relief, and keeps posting and pushing.  Always great to have him in the mix!
  • Teddy showed up cold, but warmed up very quickly, going hard as always.  Great workout, and also to catch up personally.
  • Shout out to Doc McStuffins, who will have surgery in a week.  In his honor called out Plank Jacks & 6-inch Plank Jacks (which I dread when he Qs).
  • Yugoslavian Gonad Stretchers were really on the Weinke!
  • Takeout by YHC.  Graffiti sprinted out mid-prayer, only to let us know later that his PB&J toast he ate before the workout was about to be “exercised” – that would have been a colorful way to end COT.
  • Thanks ToolBag for the invite to Q – great group, and always an honor.


  • 3rd F:  Tonight “The Question” at Middle James Brewery.  While “the question” is still in question, it’s always engaging.
  • 3rd F:  ChurchOnTheStreet (COTS) has had good participation, but can always use more (Strawberry)

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