3 Pax made it on time to LRC and a 4th (Smithers) came in late for today’s installment of LRC.  Today we returned back to our roots and went about the Original Loop (1.5 mile) on the old side of Lawson.  With pax all at the start we synced our watches and were off and running with a target of 5 miles.

Pace was hot from the start (sub 9:00/mile) and few time YHC requested the pace to slow down to no avail.  Around the 5K mark, our elder Pax (Recalc) took a detour and headed back home.

Remaining 3 musketeers finished the 5 miles and recovered back to COT.



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Next week Smithers on Q @ LRC.  Start time 5:30 at Poop Island (Periwinkle/Riverbank).

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