It was chilly start this morning.  20 men not afraid of a little wind and chill decided to come out.  There was also 1 Tuck out there running all around Ballantyne Corp.

Gave a quick disclaimer and reminded everyone to warm up properly since it was chilly.  We took the usual route to Rushmore then a right to the bull ring where we did our fancy warm ups that Fast Twitch does not believe in.

Instructions were given to run at your 10k pace.  All vets here today so I am confident everyone can on memory tell me their 10k pace right?

We were running intervals with the time going up two minutes each time.  The rest was half of the interval time.  We started at a 2 minute interval followed by one minute rest returning to pick up the six.  We got 4, 6, 8, and 10 minute intervals in before heading back to the AO.  Everyone got in right on time which I consider a great accomplishment.

Despite the cold we warmed up quickly and some may have even broken a sweat.

Spoiler alert we are doing the same thing next week but on a harder course so get ready for that.

Thanks again for Citgo and Thin Mint taking the Q in marathon taper absence.  Appreciate it.

Sorry if I forgot anyone in the pax count.

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