O Shoulders, Where Art Thou?

O Shoulders, Where Art Thou?

8 Hackers rolled into Bushwood all bundled up and ready to go. Most were probably expecting some more running but I was a bit afraid of venturing off campus into the dangerous streets of Marvin and getting Gerbered.

Waxhaw disclaimer provided

Warm Up:

Run around campus for a bit until the fingers were no longer numb (failed, still frozen)

Circle up in main parking lot: All IC—Mountain Climbers x5, Plank Jacks x10, Merkins x15, Peter Parkers x20, elbow plank 25 seconds, Mountain Climbers x20, Parker Peters x15, Merkins x10, Plank Jacks x5


Mosey back to loop-Plank work – Elbow plank Peter Parkers x15 IC

As a group-

Mike Tysons x15 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Mike Tysons x10 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Mike Tysons x15 IC, 5 burpees, run lap

Maktar Ndiaye x 15 IC

Mosey to main parking lot-

10 merkins, run to first line, 15 squats, frog jump/bunny hop to next line, 15 jump squats, to end line, 10 merkins-Repeat 6 times

Plank work + Elbow plank Plank Jacks x10 IC

Suicides— 2 sets, no exercises, all you got to each line and back to start in parking lot

Mary—Heels to Heaven x20 IC, Dolly x20 IC, Flutter x20 IC, American Hammer x20 IC

Back to gym entrance walkway-

7’s-Merkins and Burpees, in between bear crawl one end to other, including turn

Run around loop to hit 2 miles-time’s up


Wasn’t really planning to do a lot of shoulder work today but yes, sometimes the weinke just goes in that direction. PAX weren’t complaining about the cold weather and really not much chatter from the Bushwood regulars (One Star, Boitano and Lazy Boy run a tight ship at the club, must be the high member dues leading to even higher standards). As usual Goodfella took the burpees as a way to show us all how slow we are at them. Long Haul smoking everyone in the suicides like he was waiting for that all morning. Big Ben and Delta working hard all morning, no quit, great attitudes, strong stuff, etc. etc. And we didn’t freeze to death.




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