Yes I was passed by kids and girls…..

Yes I was passed by kids and girls…..

I confirmed a 7:45am meeting time with Recalculating last night but as I was driving I noticed a missed call from Dasher and the Recalculating.  Did I have mittens on my hands when I was texting him, was I late or did the Respect have another forgetful moment? Please enter your response in the PH. I rolled into Lowes parking lot at 7:44 with the Pax eager to go. We were off! As we were heading down Providence Rd. Dasher makes a quick stop at the gas station at 84/providence…was he afraid of a porta jon?

We merge onto 485 and about 5 secs later Dasher passes up like we are sitting still! We arrive at the race, get our packet and have around 40 minutes to kill and it was chilly. Recalculating has a brilliant idea…Let’s sit in the car for 30 and then head to the start line, say no more, I’m in!! Time is up. We get out of the car and we both need to take a leak. The Respect, with no shame, whips it out right beside his car (See video) and nearly scares multiple kids and spectators…lock it up Recalc!

The horn sounds and we are off! Forrest (Carson, which is Hooches son) takes off and I decide to try and keep up…not wise. Around mile 2 I hear “on your left” from what sounded like a couple of 12 yr old girls…I WAS PASSED BY A COUPLE OF 12 YR OLD GIRLS! Oh well…I guess I need to work harder!!

We cross the finish line and I’m gassed! As Recalc and Hooch are approaching the finish line Recalc may or may not have grabbed Hooches shirt to take the lead and win the race by seconds…Rules don’t apply to Jersey guys we all know that! haha.
Dasher 2nd place AG – Deadwood 7th – Rubbermaid 3rd (13 miler) – Wolverine 2nd (13 miler) – Forest 1st – Recalculating 1oth – Hooch 13th

Great job everyone! Be on the lookout for other races and events… No announcements!

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