The air was chilly but still warmer than average for early January as YHC stepped into the Scout Hut and cranked up the heat to “sweltering” in preparation for this morning’s workout.

Disclosure was given and Devo started as Pax continued to filter in (not calling you out here, you know who you are).

Devo: Three New Year’s Resolutions to Keep by Ann Marie Chilton


Imperial Walker – 10IC

Low-but-not-so-slow Squats – 10IC

Slow Giant Arm Circles – 5F/5B R/L

One-legged side-straddle-swing (AKA “agility test”) – 10/leg

Vinyasa – 1X slow together with 10 calf raises in DD position

Vinyasa – 1X together at regular speed

Vinyasa – 1X OYO


Main Thang:

All movements are 4 times at 5 secs hold, then 1 more time at 45 secs hold.  (4-5-45)  Vinyasa between each stretch.

Low lunge

Seated forward fold w/strap

Quad stretch

Gate pose

Prone shoulder roll

On your 6: Dead pigeon then straight leg cross-body stretch

Toes pose



After a long and distinguished tour of duty as Site Co-Q, Tweetsie passed the mantle (and importantly, the keys) to our new Site Co-Q Julip.


Good crowd for today’s edition of Gumby.  YHC wanted to mix it up a bit with “different” music, a few minutes of actual warm-up (never stretch a cold muscle), and an approach to stretching modeled more on what you’d get at Physical Therapy then a yoga studio.  I’d love feedback in comments here or DM on Twitter @SwissMissF3 or Slack.  (Already noted: standing quad stretch seemed to go better with wall support.  “Agility test” in warm-ups was a bust.)

Check out the full devo in the link above.  Good stuff that we should all take to heart and make part of our life this year.

Thank you to Tweetsie for being a great site co-Q for a long time (over two years, I think).  His millennial technical prowess saved this near-Respect’s bacon from getting tossed into Q jail too many times to count.  Fortunately for me (and all of us, really) he’s not going to disappear even though he’s moved.  He’ll still be in the Q rotation at Gumby and probably other A51 AOs.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead and try new things,

Swiss Miss

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