“Don’t Embarrass Us.”

“Don’t Embarrass Us.”

Last night, Gummy texted YHC with a thank you, a caution and a threat.  Having been duly encouraged, how could YHC not Q the first Hydra edition of the new decade?!

Both site Q’s DR.  No SF, sadly.  Nevertheless, 17 pax mustered including an on-time yet still LIFO Floorslapper.  Also, in the pre-game walkthrough, YHC noticed Daisy had made a return appearance – good to have him back amongst the Area51 faithful.

Below is a brief description of The Thang and some Moleskinny:

We ran a lap around OPES – Geraldo tells me it’s a 1/3 of a mile.  OK.  He didn’t actually inform me of that until the 2nd lap during the partner rock work.  Hammer did not leave the hoodies behind in 2019; but he did actually leave it on the entire workout.  Despite living about 1/2 mile from the AO, he still left prior to the Mary at the end.  Nature calling, no doubt…or just doesn’t like people and the niceties that sometimes accompany COT and thereafter.

Natured called Gloss a few times, and he was muttering something in COP about the wings.  Big man fall hard.  Thankful he kept it bottled during the partner segment of the workout.

Clover continues to use the stall tactic of asking for a demonstration of called exercises (Gummy would be proud), and it worked once.  YHC is a slow learner.

Marge couldn’t help but bring up the Clemson-Ohio State game with Hopper.   Hopper, gracious as ever, was willing to discuss.  Thanks to Hopper for extending YHC some grace during COT as I forgot him during Namearama.  #cobains

IHOP and Slingshot are posting machines, and they both ran in…I think…even without Sprockets.  Another should-be proud moment for our absent site Q’s.  Methinks they both of these OP denizens need to Q soon.

Snowflake also ran in.  The Respect just keeps putting in the hard work…unlike Spackler who is nearly 20 years his junior.  Spackler did post, but after exclaiming he was “done” with about 10 minutes to go in the workout (as if he had been getting after it prior) — YHC replied, “I think that was the case before you posted.”

Though I didn’t hear a peep from Thunder or Queen during the downpainment, they both were getting after it as per their norm.

Didn’t notice if Jet Fuel was neatly tucked in this morning, but I did note he must have been working hard as he left a clear imprint from his t-shirt on the smooth OPES asphalt.

Mr. Magoo, another one of our triumvirate of Respect’s this morning, continues to post and defy his age with the work he puts in.  T-claps.

We ran some laps, did some rock work, including Rockhopper’s with an actual rock.  First time YHC has ever called that one.  We’ll do that again.

An awful lot of complaining after the hot lap around the school.  YHC audibled but shouldn’t have.  Won’t make that mistake again.

….now back to Gummy’s text to YHC at 8:44pm last night.  His final word of ‘encouragement’ was “Don’t embarrass us”.  Thanks for the pep talk, coach!

Hope I didn’t embarrass or disappoint.  Welcome to 2020, men.  I pray all of us will have a better understanding of who God is; but, moreover, a deeper trust in Him.  Thankful for you guys.




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4 years ago

There are many kinds of motivation. I used the same one with you that I often use with my teenagers as they head out the door.

IHOP and Slingshot are on the forthcoming schedule for 2020. Thanks for getting the year off to a good start.

4 years ago

As always, great Q work Hops! I am not remotely hurt by the nameorama thing. I almost let it go so I wouldn’t have to hear “respect” this morning….truth is, it’s a distinctive club. As I listened to some ages around the circle, Snowflake and I will have some comrades soon! I was hoping you could work incorporate the toddler stool that was sitting near the open bus lot. Might be a good “time out” spot for any refuseniks going forward…. eh? Happy 2020 men! I’m glad to have you all be a part of my life!

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