Make up your mind

Make up your mind

First, we moseyed over to the bus lot. We did 20 imperial walkers and 20 potato pickers.  Next, we went to the basketball courts and did a jack web of 1 push up and 4 air presses. Then  we ran over to the hill and did 1 squat and alternated 10 merkins. Then we went to the wall and did 1 air press and 4 jabs. Then we went to the basketball courts and we did a star with 10 burpees, 10 peter parkers, 10 imperial walkers, and 10 merkins in each corner along with 5 dimond merkins in the middle. We repeated this twice.  Then we moseyed to the field and bearcrawled down the field, doing 5 merkins every 10 yards. Then, we moseyed to the basketball court and did 3 suicides down the court, stopping and returning at every painted line.  Then, we went to the wall and did 4 air presses for every 1 donkey kick, up to 10 Donkey Kicks and 40 air presses. Finally, we moysed back to start.

COT: Rucking on saturday, Hooches son is in the hospital please pray over them.


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