The pond would be good for you

The pond would be good for you

Like the President trash talking ambassadors, our Nantan, Alf, put the over/under at 3 for Joust as he touted the “perfect” parking deck at Cerberus. Ductwork came in on the under, saying coffee was on him if just 2 posted (me and him). I knew Hopper was going to be there though since he had told me several times this week that he would be (narrator’s voice: Hopper was not there). So I showed up with a plan and was pleasantly surprised to see six other guys ready to get after it. The rain held off, but there was still plenty of complaining about the wet artificial turf. Geez.

We did some stuff, including:
– AYG 400 (Smokey and Yeti gave at least 50% effort)
– Partner work at the base of Grandma with alternating runs up that beast (RIP Blue Door)
– Triple Nickel on the bleachers
– Burpee sets descending from 10 down to 1, interspersed throughout the workout
– An oldie but a goodie from a Tiger Rag Q circa 2013?: Line up on the goal line (abreast) in two groups. Group 1 sprints to 30 yard line and back, then group 2 goes. Repeat to the 30 4 times, the 50 three times, the other 30 twice, and the other goal line once. It hurts by about the second run to the 50 if you’re doing it right.

Topics of conversation:
– Smokey surveyed the crowd about Disney +. It sounded like most are in already. Hoover and Geraldo were SUPER excited about the Star Wars tv show.
– The Sugarhill Gang is not the same thing as the Apple Dumplin’ Gang (available on Disney +).
– During a People’s Chair/ Burpee thing, Hoover asked someone to “make it tingle”. We moved on quickly.
– Apparently The Charge is alive and well, drawing 15ish Metro guys every week using an email distribution list.

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