Cold Hands

Cold Hands

A chilly end to an otherwise balmy week might’ve diminished the numbers …

for Camp Gladiator

But 15 HIM braved a nippy first morning in November and my Hope was to make it worth their while.

Warm up

McGee understood “warm up” to mean cup your hands over the warmest part of your body at every possible opportunity.

15 each

Los low squat

Imperial walker

Morrocan night club (in squad)


Jingle balls

Mosey to

The thang: (on the green monster).

Paula Abduls using tree circles (to the sidewalk)

Sets of 10

Round 1:

Two steps forward: Sister Mary Catherine’s

lunge walk back: Imperial squawker.

While we started on the sidewalks on either side of the green monster we gradually spread across the grass noticing it was surprisingly less damp than we expected. Meaning it wasn’t a large puddle.

I had originally planned using the entire length of the green monster but the going was slower than expected so I audibled to the sidewalk in the middle as our goal...but not because of McGees moaning mumble chatter

From the sidewalk Bear crawl back for the six – (how are the hands feeling now?)

Round 2:

In and out

bear crawl back

Mike Tyson.

The whole body was warm now except, of course, the hands.

Mary at the sidewalk for:

Heels to heaven.


j lo’s

mosey back to Viva chicken with time enough for American hammer and Freddie Mercury x 20 IC.


Judging by the gradually diminishing mumble chatter as the pax progressed through the Paula Abdul’s (and my own burning legs right now) I think the pax got the workout they needed to cap off the work week. Great effort by every one and a pleasure to serve you all. Thanks to Mousetrap for taking us out

See you again soon in the gloom.


Christ closet CSUP nov 9

Q source books available on Amazon and will be rinsing and repeating once the year turns over

Q School and Site Q school tomorrow morning

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