Fire up the Glutes

Fire up the Glutes

YHC rolled into the AO a few minutes early followed by Chelms and Magoo. We gave Chelms some coats YHC and Way had donated at Anvil on Wednesday and a few others rolled in from other Pax. It was one of those perfect October mornings, not too hot, not too cold.

As 5:30 rolled around, there were no site Q’s to be found, but a disclaimer was given that may or may not have contained the word unsueable, but off we went.

Mosey to the shopping center at Carmel and 51 for COP. Site Q Margo caught up with us.


  • IW x 15 IC
  • Merkin x 15 IC
  • Mountain Climber x 15 IC
  • Alt Shoulder Taps x 15 IC

The Thang

We ran the stairs of the shopping center with 40’s of squats and lunges at the bottom of the stairs. First run was 40 squats and 0 lunges, then 30 squats and 10 lunges, then 20 and 20, 10 and 30, and ended with 0 squats at the top and a walking 40 lunges.   Some plank work done while waiting on the six.

Mosey across 51 and then across Carmel to the business park. Grab a rock from the nice assortment at the back of the parking lot. At each median along the outside of the building, we did increasing reps of stagger right then left merkins. 1 each side at first median, 2 each side at second and so on. The original goal was 10 but the 8th median was a nice stopping point.

Went back to the rock pile with increasing curls and tricep extensions at each median. Put the rocks back and headed back to the AO.

Stopped at the patio in front of the school for sets of step ups, dips and derkins then back to launch for Mary.


  • Heels to Heaven x 20 IC
  • Flutter x 20 IC
  • Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

YHC took us out in prayer


Easy group today, no waiting around at all with everyone together. The cool weather had everyone in a good mood and getting after it. I knew that I had done the 40’s set before so I looked back at old BBs before writing this one because it seemed extra bad this time. So last time we started at 30 and 10 with increments of 5 so it added another round, but still 100 was the count for each then and now. Doing that first puts the body in slow-mo from then on.

It’s now Tuesday and I can’t remember everything else that happened and may have made up some of the above, but it’s pretty close and will due for now. Thanks Margo and Mermaid.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
2 years ago

Better late then never (but not by much). Site standards have been falling for years (late/missing site Q, late BB, small PAX, reduced miles). It’s time for MCGA – Make Centurion Great Again. I’ll be selling hats and t-shirts this Friday.

2 years ago

Early noteworthy moment when Bout Time ran in, wearing a jacket, then promptly took it off and donated it. T-claps. Still say Magoo should’ve donated his neon yellow number.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Hops
2 years ago

Magoo could have donated but who would take? Most people would prefer to freeze versus wearing that thing.

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