Gelato + Burritos = No bueno

  • When:10/25/2019
  • QIC: Spankler

Gelato + Burritos = No bueno

Pax: Xmas, Fault Line, McRib, HH, Puddin, Poptart, Hoppa, Manziel, Spack

7 unsuspecting souls, a site FNG and a man bleeding profusely from the weenus, began the morning with a nice base of lunch combo numero tres. What could have gone wrong actually did go wrong. But nobody will know about that.  

Was it Fun Friday? Unfortunately no, no it wasn’t. You owe thanks to the Oracle of the BB and also the now renowned, McRib of A51, for firing the Q up yesterday to turn this up a notch from a mileage perspective. I love me some Puddin but man I was hoping he would 86 Kevlar this week only bc I knew he wouldn’t be happy. And who doesn’t want to see a happy Puddin Pop?

I was greeted this morning to a wet and bloody McRib. All the Pyramid plowing with dudes 3 times a week has really taken a toll on his balance during his pre runs. Says he clipped a root and opened the scab on his weenus for the 3rd time in 18 weeks. Shortly thereafter comes in a high socked, hi vis blinking bumpkin from his pre run. No blood there. Evidently fellowship isn’t their pre run thing. At any rate, plans fell apart quickly today as my “Tour of Matthews” quickly seemed too dangerous due to the enormous popularity of the Burn BC race team and the lack of sidewalk visibility. El Valle was a must for the warm up though. Off we went.

BTW, I’m not sure if there are any pax of Mexican descent that can back me up but you know a good Mexican spot when…what? When you actually see Mexican customers. El Valle in Matthews. You are welcome. And oh BTW, when you see a young caucasian kid with broken Spanish working there in about 3 years – tell him you know Spackler. Free cheese dip and BOGOF Tecate’.

So we had to go back to campus because #1 – plans fell apart but more importantly #2 – we had a site FNG (Hopper) and thus, we’re required to show off the popularity of the Kevlar campus.

We did the whole partner up run the parking lot loop down the stairs thing. Lot’s of merkins, PopTarts “Dry Dogs” and a few others. It was excellent. Plan was forming.

We did the medians with exercises, up the hill and back a few times with different stuff. It too, was fantastic. Fault Line wouldn’t shut up about how great it was.

We ran around the church way too many times to get mileage whilst most pax focused on their abs in the quad (?). PopTart needed a break after winning a few laps and was caught doing kegels during a transition. That wasn’t even funny though. What is though is that this is where HH got to fill me in again on some of the Meathead commentary around Headers phone. “It seems that Header finally upgraded his Blackberry 47, to a limited edition Jerry Fallwell skinned Iphone 3 with the Teletubby case.   A bonus is that somehow his 4:30AM texts to his best Bro Chin Music are actually going to Chin’s M.  I can Only Imagine the awkwardness.  #MercyMe. It was good to have them both back, however.  When they didn’t show on Monday, I thought that they had gotten raptured on Sunday evening and we were all living in a Tim LaHaye book.   Turns out they were in a dispute over whose role was supposed to be played by Kirk Cameron, which ended up in some heated texts between Header and Chin’s M.  Nobody got any biscuits.” Utterly amazing. I hope this never happens to me bc I am certainly not Header and my cell phone does some real crazy stuff sometimes. Like “Not For Work” kinda stuff.

Lastly a little CMIYC, of which it seemed nobody wanted to participate. But, again, blame the Oracle of the BB and McRib of A51. We needed the mileage

Speaking of Tiger Rag, master of puppets, he’s back in full force.  I think he is the McRib of A51.  You don’t know how long the limited time offering will last, but it sure is good when it’s here.  Let’s hope it sticks around for a while.  I’m stocking up.  I’m listenin…..

It’s Friday. Y’all know what that means? Yahtzee. Everyone should chime in with what they think Semi Gloss will be doing tonight around 10pm. I will be first in the comments.

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Puddin Pop
2 years ago

I’d say he’s probably hangin with Motorboat, recording another edition of “The Fromundah Diaries podcast”. Title? “What’s better, hot Cheetos or Takis?”

Running was ok today Spank. Why I’m out there cause I sure as hell don’t do much of the exercises. Most of your Qs are run heavy, I knew what I was signing up for.

I tried seeing the Orcale about BB greatness one time, and he told me, “you cannot bend the spoon, it’s impossible”. Strange, thought I’d heard that somewhere before.

2 years ago

Big fan of El Valle. Pro tip: sit at the bar, get a giant $3 Dos Equis and all you can eat chips and salsa. Pro tip#2: It’s a great spot for a kid’s birthday. They bring out a sombrero that 1000 other people have worn. Cultural appropriation and head lice at the same time.

2 years ago

Thanks for being my tour guide through Kevlar, Spack! I’ll be back! I hope to run less, however!

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