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Spackled Cologuard

Nice morning with temps in the 60’s for another installment of Anvil.  Good group of wiley vets, so, just gave the run of the mill disclaimer, and we were off.

Workout and Moleskin, all in one.  #efficiency

Ran over to the courtyard with the astro turf for COP.  On the way over, Runstopper was talking about how his shoulders were so sore from the many burpees Hops had called the day prior at the Hawk.  Told him my shoulders and back were hurting, but I did not one burpee yesterday.  Just old.

IW, LSS, HRM, Scorpion

Lots of chatter already, which I really welcome.  I don’t know what in the sam heck they were talking about but as Amy Mann would say, Voices Carry in that courtyard.

Ran back toward launch to the picnic area outside of the east wing of the church.  Called for 20 x step ups and 25 x dips, then run down to Rea Road for exercises, then run back to picnic area.  Repeato x 3 with 15 squats, wide arms merks, and LBC at the Rea Rd entrance.

Runstopper and Spack were out front most of the time on these runs, there were comments as to their swiftness in completing the picnic reps.  #ISI

Told Clover and Brushback about a newer show on SyFy called Resident Alien.  It’s a pretty good watch.  Clove asked if it were better than Below Deck?  Sorry bud, I don’t watch that trash.

No Show was quick during this part as well, nice work mate.

Did a little Mary after the third set, then recovered and headed back to west siiiiide.  On the run, Spack started guessing where we were going.  Avenue of trees?  No  Hot Box?  No  Five Knolls?  To which I asked, “are you high”?  Spack said not yet.  But he will be starting tomorrow through the following week.  #springbreak

Went to rock pile, grab a lifting rock; take to the parking lot.  25 curls/overhead press/tri extension, then run around loop – x3

During one of the rock sets, Spackler asked Floor Slapper if he had received his free Cologuard t-shirt yet?  Nope, not yet, but that led to questions about what would happen if he put a little blood in the doodoo within the box for analysis?  Slapper didn’t know, but it’s a pretty good question.  That led to the latest Nike issues with Vietnamese indentured servitude.  Covered the gambit for sure.

Put rocks back, head to the lot with eight islands.  Do 15 merkins and 15 LBCs at every other island all the way to the other side.

Then head back via main road, stopping at each road hump for some exercises.

done – all total, somewhere around 2.7 mileage

Further comments:

Hammer lamented at one point that he didn’t have it today.  Was talking about building someone’s $9m house.  Good lordey

Snowflake ran in and out, and just keeps going and going.

Point Break gets it done, cut and dry.  At least he showed up as the sole site Q as Lorax reached out via text last night to make sure I was good to go.  PB and I think that Lorax will blame his absence on the dog.

Circuit City and Limey were getting after it fairly quietly too, from what I could tell.  CC and I were running back just slow enough to end the workout when hitting the cars in the end.

Thanks to Brushback for taking us out in prayer.  Continued prayers for the Palmer family.

Dream Warriors

Please excuse the title of the workout this morning.  I listened to Dream Warriors by Dokken on the way to Calvary, and felt very inspired.

Pulled into the massive lot, and found a good number of pax already assembled, awesome.  Chatted a little, gave some daps to each member this AM, found my timekeepers, and gave a really solid disclaimer.  When I pointed out our newly named F3 member Erin Brokavich couldn’t even get you a settlement if you tried to sue, he said “you’d be surprised”.  Uh oh, we have a challenge.

We left the lot going down to say hello to the Meatheads, and circled up for COP



Slow Good Mornings



Recover and head to the start of the avenue of trees (think that was a Rush song?)  (actually it was just called The Trees) (I like answering myself parenthetically)

Run down Ave and stop at every other tree and give 20 CDDs

Get to other end and head to get some Hot Box

20 step ups

20 dips

20 derks or irks


Recover and mosey over to island lot on far end with all of the tree trucks for Grinders, find groupings of 3

P1 at one end doing wide arms and LBC

P2 at other end of lot doing squats and Dollys

P3 runs as timer

recover and mosey to courtyard for little bit of Mary


high flutter

Mosey over to rocks near the Meatheads and grab a lifter.  Get back with group of three for more grinders

P1 20 curls, 20 overheads, 20 tricep extension with rock

P2 at far light in lot does CDDs and American Hammer

P3 run as timer

recover and head back to lot, stop and give one AYG about 75 yards




  • Didn’t get a lot as we were a little spread out, but good convos out there for sure
  • Pop Tart and Spackler are loud as hayul.  Couldn’t hear myself count during the courtyard stomache set.
  • Circuit City has semi-recovered from his ankle turn at Base Camp this week, thanks for posting.  Good luck at “Eyes Without a Face” tomorrow.
  • Good to see Erin Brokavich posting daily.  He’s a good friend of mine, and I have not been able to get him out for years.  Now he seems hooked, already HC for ultimate at Joust on Friday.
  • Thought Spack had a Member/Guest tourney at Secession this week (bastard).  Nope, it’s next week.  But, he is taking his M to Old Edwards Inn this week.  Guess he needs to pay it forward for the next 20 golf outings he has out of town.
  • Limey continues to build on his posting streak.  I think today is 27 out of 28 weekdays?  The one workout he missed in the last month?  My last Q at Hydra.  yep
  • Bounce and I were chatting about some guys he knows that I went to HS with.  Country Club life sounds good to me.  #spritzers
  • Good to see Icky joining the bootcamp crew this AM.  I think I heard a “Benedict Arnold” come out of one of the Meatheads when we strolled by tho.


Thanks to Lorax and Point Break for the opportunity

Thanks to Stonecold for taking us out this AM, and for being one of my 5 timekeepers this morning


Crazy Little Thing Called Merkins

**Posted on behalf of Queen**

21 Pax gathered on a lovely, but humid morning to tackle the beast known as Hydra. I promised several that we would have no burpees, but a ton of merkins. Here’s how it went:


Brief disclaimer and off to the bus lot.

SSH X 25

Imperial Walkers X 20

Low Slow Squats X 15

Slow Merkins X 12

The Workout:

Mosey over to Knightswood. Run to the stop sign doing 12 merkins at each light post (7 light posts).

Mosey down to the bottom of the hill on Bedfordshire. Partner up for ½ pipe. Partner 1 goes to the top of one hill and does 12 air squats, partner two the other way and does 8 Dry Docks. Meet down at the bottom for 10 merkins. Repeat for 4 sets (2 each hill).

Mosey over to Queensbury. Run down Queensbury until it dead ends into Lancer, doing either 10 merkins or 16 air squats at each light post (about 12 light posts).

Mosey over to Dulverton. Run up Dulverton, once we got to the driveway with the American flag, lung walk to the next driveway and then continue running (or walking) to the top of the hill.

Head up Bedfordshire, then down the Foxworth hill. Then do triple nickel (5 air squats at bottom, 5 merkins the top), 5 sets.

Cut up through the woods and back to the launch. No time left for Mary.



I do apologize for getting everybody back to launch at about 7:01. I’ve ragged on many a Q for running late so I am feeling a little hypocritical.

Great work from Proehl and Amber who were upfront. Geraldo, and Sling Shot also kept up well. Actually, this was a brutal workout, hats off to everybody, even if you had to walk part of it. The humidity didn’t make it any easier.

My favorite part was when Proehl was doing extra credit on the half pipe and was about 30 yards behind us when I called out to head over to Queensbury. Someone said that we needed to wait up for Proehl. Um, yeah, right. Ah, he’s going to be quite capable of catching up to us.

The lunge walks were in front of my neighbor’s house. He’s never done a F3 workout, but we’ve been trying to get him out for years. He’s a beast. Part of his workout routine is doing lunge walks up and down the street with a weighed vest. I had to take a pic of the group during that part to let him know that we lunge walked in his honor.

Thanks to Gummy and Sprockets for the opportunity to lead this morning.



Thanks to the Kevlar PAX for indulging my celebration of the best futbol team on planet Earth winning our 19th League Championship yesterday.  Oh, you turds that still don’t watch soccer, it would be Liverpool Football Club I am talking about.  Led to most exercises being called to 19, 19 counts, etc.  Thanks to Bulldog for answering the PAX’ question on “why 19?” during the IWs.

Got to CD early, like a solid true Q should, and up came running your esteemed site Qs Whip and Fault Line.  They had a nice glisten going on in muscle shirts with a solid 3 mile pre-run.  Like, if testosterone was sold in a box, these two would’ve been on the cover.

They kept coming, some from the other side of the Prime Meridian.  Good solid turnout.

Gave a terrible disclaimer, Geraldo said it was 5:30, so we left the lot.

Run down to quad for IW, LSS, MC, HRM…all to 19 of course.

Partner up for Alabama Slamma.

Quick mosey to front of church; P1 stays for called exercises, P2 shuttle runs to each median, to top of hill.  Three rounds

Stay with partners, P1 does exercises, P2 runs around church. Three rounds

Go back to lot for a couple gassers.

They say we got in 2 solid miles.



As stated earlier, good turnout today, good solid chatter.

Bulldog answered the call to come back out to the gloom.  He and Spackler were the kings of chatter this morning, surprise surprise.  It was also good to connect Bulldog and Lorax, both of whom are Raintree boys, and soon to be golfing butt buddies.

The duo of Geraldo and Manziel were out front on most of the partner runs.  Manziel has been doing some strong stuff building his endurance to 13.2 status, and Geraldo covers about .25 miles with every step he takes.

Nice to meet Chubbs.  Young man dusted the best of em in the first gasser, think he blew a header while doing it tho.

Bounce was one of the ones I described having to show a passport to come out this far, good seeing you at Kevlar dude.

Lockdown was a Kevlar virgin and my partner today.  Glad to see my advertisement worked during announcements at Hydra yesterday.

Also great to see BLC as well.  Haven’t seen ole Big League in months, but he keeps going, and has the best merkin form in Area51.  I think I said you could eat meatballs off his back.  yikes

Deep Dish was my time compadre for the most part today.  Although, he and Geraldo’s timepiece were off by about 50 seconds.  DD’s was fast, hence why I kept going back to him.

After COT, Horsehead came back from his truck wearing a new, very comfy looking outfit.  New fresh Gamecock t-shirt, sweatpants, and some Crocs.  Fault Line said he should have a bowl of Cheerios in his hand as well.  Would’ve gone well coming up from Momma’s basement.

Spackler claims today is the last day he’ll be Covid free, as he’s leaving for a bachelorette party in Nashvegas. Vaya con Dios mi amigo.  Leave some Titos for the rest of the girls.


Area51 convergence next Friday July 3rd.  Joust, Centurion, Cerberus are all meeting at Kevlar at 6am.  Hops and Ductwork on Q.

Her name is Rosalita

Proud to be the Q on Valentines Day.  Such an important holiday.  It was nice for eight other guys to share my enthusiasm for doing some exercises to help with your love life.  This was the call of the day.

Nice to have both Site Qs at Kevlar for the first time in a hot minute.  Good banter before the workout commenced, Whip let us know that not only is today Valentine’s day, it is also his M’s bday.  He was up early putting rose petals all over the house, etc.  He is a true romantic.

Beaver and Spack met each other for the fifth time, and Beaver took a liking to Spack’s new haircut.  #awkward #GAR

I decided it to be best to give the disclaimer at 5:30 and get us going.

Mosey down to the quad for COP.





Split groups into two.  Group 1 called exercise in quad (merkins, CDD, monkey humper); Group 2 ran up the stairs of your choice and back.


Mosey over to the pre-school area.  Group 1 does called exercise on benches (step ups, dips, incline merkins); Group 2 runs around large knob


Mosey to middle parking lot for Grinders.  Partner 1 stays at first pole, Partner 2 at far stop sign, Partner 3 runs middle.  Numerous exercises done

Mosey up to rock pile, grab one.  10 curls, 20 tricep extension, 30 overhead press; after each set, run down to curb of church and back.  x3

Mosey back to launch for some gassers and stomache.



Lots of chatter pre-workout, really good stuff.

During first round of Rosalita, Spackler queefed, not once but twice.  Really weird dry burner seemingly.  He was proud of a clean exit with no “spackle” left over.  Well done mate.

Tried to really engage the taint/grundle (sp?) area today with Rosalita, monkey humpers, freddy murchisons, dolly, you’ll thank me later.  The mention of Grinders helped guys get in the mood.  All planned, listen to me now, believe me later.

Pro tip, never ask Horsehead to be your timekeeper.  He let me know when it was 5:32, 5:35, etc.  I guess I need another $5 watch for Qs only.

Manziel was inquiring with Whip about the difficulty of doing the BRR.  If you have to ask, your body can’t afford it.  I’ve never even given it a thought, so at least Manziel means well.

I can’t nor don’t want to imagine Valentine’s Day at Cottontail’s house. I’m gonna start calling him Barry White.

Rhapsody was rippin and tearin out there today.  He’s been doing F3 since ’11.  Still the biggest beast out there.

Fault Line wore short-sleeves today.  Bad move

Total mileage today was, I don’t care.

That’s it, gotta get to the romancing.



Manziel continues to lead the charge with Billingsville tutoring on Tuesdays from 4;3o to 5:30.  He’s got 62 kids that need our help, so the more the merrier.  Had nine last week.  Bring it.

Beer mile (cSaup), Spakler’s going


Thanks to Cottontail for taking us out today

Am I Done?

Here is my backblast disclaimer…I care about your safety, but I’m not responsible for it.

Ok, alarm sounds at 5am, get out of bed at 5:02.  Head to the throne, check email, twitter, internet, you know, doing some serious business…multitasking.  I wouldn’t say it was Melissa MaCarthy’esque in Bridesmaids (hot lava), but I had to ask that three word question that no PAX wants to ask, especially when you’re up against it and need to get dressed and leave the house by 5:15ish…AM I DONE??

Got in car sans shoes on at 5:18 (this can be done on the way to Latin), the beginning of Shot in the Dark by the Oz Man starts playing on Hair Nation.  Ahhhh yeah, everything’s gonna be just fine.  After that, turned it over to Classic Rewind just in time for Eyes Without a Face by Billy Idol.  Fun fact, my wife for the longest time thought Billy actually said, “How’s about a date”.  Try it, it makes sense.  Said no one ever.

Pulled into Latin in time to see Hops unrolling the shovel flag.  We were both surprised that he got it in so easily. #terrafirma #thatswhatshesaid

All other PAX decided to dismount their warm climated (word?) chariots to start the chatter.  Outlined my morning timekeepers for the morning, Hopper and G-man, and gave the disclaimer and left the lot.

Mosey to the parking lot south of Ductwork’s building that he donated for COP:




Mosey to top end of the island we run around at the entrance of lower school and partner up.

P1 runs the island ring

P2 does excercise (dips, merkins, CDD)

Mosey through middle of campus to the parking lot we used to meet when HN first got started.  Stay with partner.

P1 runs the hot lap

P2 does exercise (LBC, Dolly, Flutter)

Mosey back through campus to the hot box (in middle of campus) for three rounds of Step ups, Dips, merkins

Mosey to landing above the stadium, partner back up.

P1 runs down to the track, back up ramp

P2 exercise (wide arm, military, diamonds)

Mosey down to track, lunge walk 50 meters, AYG 200 meters x 3




What’s the Haps

It is crazy that I had a full movement pre-workout, but absolutely ripped one during the Hillbillies in COP.  It’s pretty crazy to rip one like that when you Q, I think that’s the first time I’ve done that.  There is really nowhere for the PAX to hide.  By the time this happened. IHOP and Slingshot came running up.  I had to ask them if they were late, or G-man made us launch early.  Slingshot outed IHOP saying he was tardy.

Seemed I wasn’t the only one to be asking THAT question this AM.  Hops was lamenting that he might have one in the chamber, but Defcon level seemed to be at a solid 5, so no huge worry.

Everyone came correct with the layers this AM.  Gloss seemed to get by in his “required uniform”, you know, tights.  While Sardine was wearing pretty minimal layers, even though he had some kind of “body armor” on under?  Gross.  Or wait, maybe he said under armor…who knows.

Jet Fuel is back from his latest jaunt over to Korea, sharing kimchi with Kim jong fat boy.  He’s gotta go back in a couple weeks, I might start calling him Rodman.  He said there is a Korean whiskey he’s stumbled upon that is the absolute jam.  Interesting.

G-man recently got back from a trip to see his in-laws in Buffalo.  Thanks for bringing these crap temps back down with you buddy.  On a very serious note, I am very sorry to hear about your friend that recently passed.  Really appreciate you sharing during our track work.

IHOP nor Slingshot expelled any flatulence this AM.  Don’t let them fool you, they can play.  IHOP ripped one during Snowflake’s Q a little while back that was something to be proud of. #neverforget

Marge was rocking his Touchdown Jesus sweatshirt of Trevor Lawrence.  Pretty sure Trevor would find offense to this act of demi-God ‘ery (word?).

Thunder Road and Hopper were fairly quiet, but they were in the other group than me, so didn’t get to hear their banter.  Solid work tho gents.

That’s it, thanks to Hopper and Hops for the Q this AM.  Hops said we are approaching the two year mark for HN, time flies for sure.  Great site, great PAX week in week out.



Hops went to a Metro workout yesterday, and heard from Dagger about a recent death of someone he knew of a heart attack.  Just reminder to always check up on your other PAX, buddies, etc.

Thanks also to Hops for the strong prayer this morning.

Is Anybody Listening to Me?

Accuweather had us right about 30 degrees, and 18 hearty souls decided to join me in slaying the Hydra.

Arrived fairly early (Q school rules), but not earlier than Cheese Curd who ran in (props) and Clover and his FNG James Dallas.  Everyone else started meandering and starting the chatter which was the call of the day.

You can’t come to Hydra and not have a good time; that is, unless you are Gummy, Harley, Runstopper, and all other unnamed Qs that have decided to have the heart of their weinke to be running up and down Summerlin.  That is just plain dumb, stupid, idiotic.  For all future Qs, don’t do that, your PAX will hate you.

Seriously though, Hydra is truly awesome.  I’ll just leave it at that.

Gave a disclaimer and we were off.

We ran down Rea, took a right on Summerlin, then a quick left that adjoins OP to Stonecroft.  Moseyed halfway down to the T intersection of that road into the other road, and stopped for COP.






Recover and continue running on that road until it dead ended.  Call was for 30 CDDs.  Some did them, some didn’t.  Spackler didn’t and said as much.  #trifusesnik4life

Run up the little hill to the next T intersection for 30 more CDDs.

Keep running down that street (entrance of Stonecroft), take a left on Colony, then quick left into parking lot of business building at Colony Place.   I think the businesses in there are made up of financial advisers, optometrists, physical therapists, and the oracle.

Partner up, Partner 1 does called exercise, Partner 2 runs around the building.

R1 merkins


R3 Sister Mary Katherine (stupid)

Get everyone back in and mosey to the wall behind the restaurant that never survives.  Sleepy said he heard rumors that we are looking at a Char Bar coming in there.  Very interesting indeed, in that 1) there is a Char Bar no more than five miles away, and more importantly 2) direct comp to the impervious Lodge.  We will see.

Wall sits with two rounds of arm raises.

Get up, mosey over to the fountain that is under construction.  Partner 1 does step ups, while Partner 2 runs and touches the bank building and back.  Two rounds

Mosey to the entrance of Colony Place on Rea Road, and instruct PAX to run back to launch, while stopping at each light pole on the right, drop and give 10 merkins, which then changed to LBC.  I think there were something like 12 poles.

Got back to launch a tad early, 6:09 by Gummy’s trusty watch, so do some Mary.


Freddy Murchison (after, Gummy told me it was only 6:11 at this point)


LBC (Snowflake was the only one counting, until we got to 31 and he even stopped, wheels off)

Flutter (Sprox took this one over as the natives were getting resteless)




Moleskin notebook

Even in much cooler temps, Hydra can still draw a crowd.  It has become a really fun place.  It is that place that brings together veteran and new, young and old, fast and slow, and just a good ole’ slice of Americana.

During the fountain set, I started singing the song “Brandy”, which is an ode to one of our newer Pax (Brandy), and quickly asked our resident Alex Trebek of 70’s & 80’s music, Geraldo, who might have sang that song.  He didn’t know.  What???  Fear not though, Deep Dish came to the rescue with Looking Glass.  Whew, good to know we have another person with much useful knowledge like myself and G-man.  I can handle 80’s, but 70’s is past my pay grade.

Gloss asked me before the workout if we’d be running quite a bit as he has an ankle knock that happened on NYE.  Says it was done while digging a hole or something, but Gummy and I think it was done after saying one of two statements 1) watch this, or 2) hold my beer.

Gloss’ Mountainbrook cohorts were rocking some serious gear this morning.  Buc-ees was rocking a blue Buc-ees t-shirt from Texas this morning, and wore the red counterpart at HawksNest on Tuesday.  Motorboat was donning a collared LSU shirt, and looked damned good in it too.  Probably the first collared shirt I’ve seen at F3.  Mountainbrook has some serious swagger going on right now.  I wish it had this much swag from 2000-2003 when three buddies and I rented a house in there and tore it down every weekend.

I’m shocked that Spack and Bounce haven’t hibernated back into the 70 degree temps of OTF Arbo.

Learned that Marge is doing a 26 hour stint to NOLA and back for the natty on Monday night.  From past experience, you better do an all nighter if you plan on making that 6am flight Tuesday morning.  #pat0brianstill4

Good to see Curd back in the fold.  He has his Doc on speed dial these days, stay healthy brother.

Gummy played not only co-site Q and lead heckler this morning, but was also the resident Timekeeper.

Now to our FNG, James Dallas.  From what I recall, James is from The Bronx, went to USC (Cocks) for undergrad and Wake for grad school.  Has a wife and three lovely children, works for one of the banks, and his high school mascot was the Maroons (what the hell is that???).   Soooo, we seemed to be stuck on the “Dallas” theme.  Someone immediately threw out JR, but that is way too strong.  I asked what the chick’s name was (Bobby’s wife), and Sleepy immediately said Sue Ellen.  Thought that was the stone winner until Sleepy let us know there is already one of those in the Nation.  Motorboat then quickly mentioned South Fork, which is the name of the ranch in this classic, and alas, there’s your name sir.  Come on back anytime.

Thanks to Gum and Sprox for the opportunity to lead at the old stompin grounds.



Urologists & Audibles

What a beautiful morning to work out in the Valley. Nine other guys started to assemble in a 50 degree Middle School parking lot to get some work done. Since my POS Q watch I purchased several years ago cannot tell time, I depended on 7 of the other 9 fellas to keep the time.

Stone Cold asked me if we needed gloves, and upon learning we’d be off campus, he asked about a headlamp. No to both questions my friend, and by the way, it was great to see him at a non-Ultimate workout.

Gave a solid disclaimer, and we left SCMS campus, out to 51. Davey Park was mentioned by some of the PAX, but oh contrare monfrare (sp?), we weren’t going there. Stopped at the light there to do some IWs.

Proceed SE? down 51 toward Arbo and stop at the next street on the right for some squats. It was about here that Slapper said he could easily mosey back home. Glad you stayed kid.

Keep going down to Raintree, and our recently neglected little business park down on the left. You know, the one with the dry cleaner, trucking company, Asian spa, financial planner, and psychic. Eclectic group.

Did some MCs prior to partnering up. Partner 1 would be running up the stairs down the second level path, back down the other side (watch out for that baby first step, it’s a doozy), switch out with Partner 2 who was doing the called exercises (R1 Merkins, R2 CDDs, R3 squats).

Did a little stomache to catch breaths, LBC x50, then repeato that partner work we just did. After those three rounds, get back down for some Rosalitas.

Mosey over to the wooded area at the base of the soccer field, find a picnic bench. Wait, no picnic benches?? Mercy, ok Omaha #1, go up to the field for some field work. Wait, this field that never dries is still wet?? Ok, Omaha #2, go back down to the street for more partner work up that street where the heroin addicts hang out. Warnings were given of the cars and the used needles on the street (Spackler), so we decided for yet another Omaha #3. For those counting at home, this was three Omahas in the matter of like four minutes. Might be an F3 record.

As things started to unravel, the PAX were all still behind me, and my mind was already thinking Raintree route, but Spackler cemented it (of course). We moseyed down to where Rounding Run comes into Raintree Drive, and stopped for some Peter Parkers. Another Omaha #4 to avoid a car, so let’s mosey down to Rising Meadow for some Freddy Murchisons #shoutout. Recover, and by my main timekeeper’s (Tulip) watch it was a little after 6am, and I thought we still had time for a triple nickel on Rising Meadow. Tried it with CDDs at top and squats at bottom, but called Omaha #5 and cut it to three times up and back.

Mosey up Rounding Run, take a richard on Woodfox and stop at the street on the left. Spack got down for what he thought was more Mary, nah son, get that ass up, we ain’t got time for that. Stop at each street light on right and left all the way up Woodfox and throughout the bus lot and give 10 merkins. Still time for one gasser down and back.

Done, word is bond yo.


OMG, some knuckleheads decide to take picnic tables away from a very serene area, and all hell breaks loose. I’d say that after the third Omaha, most leaders would get as nervous as a long tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs, but not this guy. No sir. Everything under control, STFU, and let’s keep rollin. Realities are, I really had no intention of touching that dark, dank, heinous place some call Raintree. Those hills are stitched into my brain. Some kids are scared of the thing in the closet, Freddy Kruger, Gloss’ car seats, IronHorse’s running shorts, but not me, I’m frightened of Raintree.

During Rosalitas, Spackler said that the exercise really hurt his vas deferens. I don’t know the full procedure of what actually happens at the “snip snip” doctor, but I didn’t think he still had one. Which led to Spack and Stone Cold having a convo about their respective doctor’s soothing conversation (during the procedure) about what they did on Friday nights, and if they were into cuddling after sex. They quickly surmised that they had the same doctor. Dumb luck that!

Smokey threw his hat at me when we were on like rep 35 of 50 on the LBCs. Truth is, I just really rock back and forth on LBCs. Could be core engaging or not, not really sure. I don’t think he liked them very much though.

Tulip was out front most of the time, and Jet Fuel and Leo were that steadying tide that raised all boats. See what I did there JF? Tide? Pun intended.

My fellow Mountaineer, Ironsides, is going down to the game at the upside down cockroach Williams-Bryce this weekend. As is Spackler who was calling for a crushing in the outset of the workout, then said it’d be a close one at the end. Raintree must’ve gotten to him. Pull em through Ironsides. “Today I Give My All for Appalachian State”

All in all a good morning, notwithstanding the audibles and entry into raintree. Death Valley is where I broke my F3 cherry (in a PAX of around 37 guys), and still holds a special place in my heart. #tear


I may or may not have promoted the pre-Thanksgiving holiday party. Go out to Cairo and take a left.

Thanks to Stone Cold for a solid prayer.

Huge Chestes

Twas a beautiful Fall morn, whereby 11 gents dismounted from their chariots to strap on the #F3Kevlar and get after it.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t let you know about my pre-workout dump. Let me just say #cleanasawhistle. We were really in for a good one this morning.

Said wassup to a wiley group of veterans, decided who from the Pax was wearing a wristwatch to help me with my bearings, gave a good disclaimer and we were off. Oh, after the disclaimer, Spackler asked who would be the designated mouth to mouth giver (if needed), umm, if you have to ask, it’s you my friend.

Here’s where I’ll let everyone know what we did to work out (Q rules), which you probably don’t care, if you like just skip down to the NMM.

Mosey from lot down to the gathering spot in between a bunch of buildings for COP.




Honeymooner/Down Dog


Partner up, stretch out your chesticles for the Alabama Slamma.

P1 does merkins x20

P2 does squats

flapjack where each partner does same number of merkins from 20 all the way to 1. #suckfest

Next, P1 runs around church x3, P2 stays does called stomache (WW2 situps, dolly, flutter).

Little mary to catch the breath (LBC, Rosalita).

Mosey to hill up by the road for 7’s: CDD at top, WW2 situps at bottom.

Mosey back to small field by the lot, back with partner.

P1 runs the track, P2 does called exercise (merkins, squats).


Story Time

Really good group of dudes out there this morning.

Hard to be a legit Fun Friday with the Alabama Slamma, it just sucks. I can remember it sucking when I used to do most of the workout and be in much better shape. Heard everyone starting to feel it around rep 17. Wobbly arms, we almost had some faceplants out there. Spack would have been there to either revive you with oxygen or last night’s Tito’s.

I might call a Trifusnik referendum in replacing Gloss with Pop Tart. PT is an honorary member already, but his refusnik game right now is legit. I’ve seen Gloss doing waaaay too much work lately. #CYT though Gloss, this is just an inquiry, I haven’t put a vote on the floor just yet.

Bulldog is a trooper. Chap barely has a left knee ligament and he’s still posting. Told me this morning that his next option to make it better might be to take a ligament from a cadaver. Yikes. I immediately thought about that field trip in Fast Times where the class went to see a cadaver and look at the organs inside, where Jennifer Jason Leigh had to leave abruptly to hurl, Mark Ratner was there to hold her hair back. So cute, but gross.

Rhapsody and Wormwood were the dynamic duo this morning, leading the way in both the Slamma and the runs. Cage, Squid, Manziel, and CottonTail were silent assassins getting after it.

Thanks to Cottontail, TD, and Pop Tart all helping the Q keep time this morning.

Thanks to TD for the good prayer too. Always be thankful for the health we have to post, but always be mindful of those Pax that are not out and be that word of encouragement they might need.


Christmas/Thanksgiving party: Friday before Thanksgiving, somewhere in BFE? $30 per person, see Pop Tart for details or a camel to get there.

Let em Soar 5K: Tomorrow morning 8:30am, Covenant Day, see TD for details.

Billingsville Tutoring: Tuesdays 4:30pm-5:30pm, Billingsville Elementary, see Manziel for details.

Continue to bring unused coats to workouts, give to Chelms

All Star Game

18 pax decided to workout the morning of the all star game. Does anyone still watch the all star game? Used to be cool before the inter-league play started many years ago, but not anymore. Boring.

Anyway, got the morning started with the anthem of the 80’s “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”. Quick note for all you pop trivia nerds…did you know that the song was originally given to Billy Idol to record? True story. He sat on it forever, then the writer gave it to a small band out of Scotland named Simple Minds. The rest is history. You are welcome.

Got to the lot with time to spare, and there was already a good gaggle of dudes awaiting this train wreck. Got a text from Hammer and Hops about four days into a 10 day vacation that Hammer needed a substi-Q this morning. Umm, sure thing guys, what could go wrong? Besides me either A) spewing merlot all over Latin, or B) dying. Met Blue Hen for the first time as he was originally EH’d by Floor Slapper. Good thing he knows his buddy never shows for a disclaimer or pre-weinke crap talk.

Disclaimer given, off we went. Umm, passed Hops as he was running the other way with the shovel flag, took the pax on a 180 to grab him as he was planting. We were there, in front of Old Glory, a few days after July 4th, so we all said the Pledge of Allegiance. I later told Thunder Road that I wanted to weed out any non-Americans from this workout. Everyone seemed (even though Spackler looks Croatian with really short hair) to be American, so we left for the track.

Took a hot lap, Geraldo or Gloss (can’t remember) noted the Q juice that I was carrying early, and ended up back at middle of front stretch for COP.






Partner up

P1 runs one way on track and up around the ramp to the middle part behind the home bleachers, P2 runs the other way, meet up top for called exercise, then keep running around to the middle part of track, and do called exercise again.

R1 15 hand-slap merkins

R2 20 LBCs

That sucked, mosey from track to lacrosse/field hockey/soccer turf field. Get back with your partner.

P1 does called exercise on 18 yard box line (merkins/CDDs/dollys)

P2 runs down to end line and back

Regroup, mosey up to hot box, partner back up

P1 does called exercise in hot box (little hazes/dips/decline or incline merkins)

P2 runs down to first speed hump and back

Get out from under hot box (Gloss) for open air, for a little Mary


Mosey down to the bridge for two rounds of wall sits and 50 civilian count air presses.

Go out to road, lay down, then jail break up to launch



I am/was spent. And I would say after all the loud breathing of the pax after the track and hot box circuits, I wasn’t the only one.

Vacations are good for two things, eating and drinking. Vacations are not good for two things, working out and working out. I knew this one would be a little tough, and I almost spewed on a few occasions.

It was great meeting Blue Hen for the first time, and great seeing Motorboat out again. Motorboat apparently met up with Gloss and fam down at Folly where they mass-consumed vodka last week. Same boat, different beach there buddy.

Hops apparently got bitten by fire ants while planting the shovel flag, that is full dedication right there. I saw where some dude from another F3 faction called out all sites on twitter to get there sh!t together with having a shovel flag at each AO. I’d say that Hops has HN covered.

Geraldo had us at 2.6 today for all you counting at home.

We were spread out for a lot of the day, so I probably missed some of the good chatter, and I’m tired, so that is all.

Thanks to Hops and Hopper (and I guess Hammer) for the opportunity to lead today.

Thanks to Sprockets for the take out prayer


There were 40 total pax with Hawks Nest and Fast Twitch combined, Hops thought that might be a record. I’m not so sure.