Is that a weinke or an essay?

Is that a weinke or an essay?

4 men understood that my #tweetandmeat advertising was less about saving Stonecrest from an already passed and downgraded tropical storm and more about a sandbag beat down. YHC brought a bluetooth speaker, a weinke, and some sandbags. The speaker only worked for the first couple songs off Offspring’s Ignition album, and YHC gave up on it. The wienke was mistaken for a high school essay, and to be fair it was a full college ruled paper filled from top to bottom. The sandbags didn’t disappoint.

Disclaimer given with emphasis on keeping the sandbag under control and not overextending yourself. We don’t want injuries out in the gloom!


  • 20 x SSH
  • 20 x IW
  • 20 x Low Slow Squat
  • 1 x lap around the parking lot

The Thing

Then on to the essay. 10 of each exercise for a set. About 30s of rest between sets. Every 5 sets take a lap around the parking lot.

  • Clean and Press
  • Side Shoulder Press
  • Deadlift
  • Shouldering from Ground
  • Bear hug Squat
  • Lap
  • Rotational Deadlift
  • High Pull
  • Overhead Press
  • Jump Lunge
  • Thrusters
  • Lap
  • Snatch
  • Jump Squat
  • Sandbag Swing
  • Overhead Carry
  • Load, Carry, Drop
  • Lap
  • Cleans
  • Rotational Swings
  • Jumping Side Steps
  • One Arm Shouldering from Ground
  • Lap

COT & Announcements

  • You’ll never guess Mighty Mite’s announcement… Sign up for the Christmas party!
  • Thanks Wild Turkey for taking us out.


  • I was surprised we made it through the whole plan. I fully expected it to be cut short but 20 exercises x about a minute and a half, including rest, is 30 minutes. Add in the warmup and the 5 laps around the parking lot and the few minutes of mary at the end and it makes sense we finished in :45.
  • I was definitely feeling it the next day especially the overhead carries.
  • One arm shouldering a 60lb bag is hard.
  • Gear workouts make way for a lot of great mumblechatter.

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