OG Bootcamp by O’T

OG Bootcamp by O’T

Warm up: SSH, Merkins, MC, IW, Mosey to Turf ‘loft’ for 6 minutes of Mary.

Warm up run to outfield fence and back to rock pile.

Rock Press/Curls/Triceps 20-15-10-5 with shuffles and karaoke in between.

Devils workout: merkins, jump squats, drydocks, LBC, (Something else), Burpees

Mosey to ‘hot box’ for some wall time: air presses 3×20, plank in between

Mosey to Mt. Everest to 2 circuits

Great group for my first Q at Rock Zero! 



  • Strong work by the Pax today as OT provided an old school boot camp beatdown.
  • Welcome #RedwoodOriginal MMOB who traveled far from F3 Metro region but still within the #PeacockWedge to meet his buddy Gay Blade
  • Also, Welcome Gay Blade who used to be minister at Calvary Church.
  • Loved/hated the 2 trips up North Face, what used to be a staple at this AO , it had been a while.
  • The Devil’s workout aka The Beast was a nice touch.


  • Chelms is pulling together a coat drive supporting the Westside Ministry. Coats will be collected at Area 51 and SOB AOs.
  • Area 51/SOB Christmas Party 11/22 6:30 PM, details here

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