F3 Waxhaw – Board Meeting Minutes

F3 Waxhaw – Board Meeting Minutes

When: 10/19/19 (5:15am-6:15am)

Location: McDonald’s Waxhaw

Six Pax of the F3 Waxhaw Board gathered on an early Saturday morning at the McDonald’s in Waxhaw (it’s about the only place open at this time!).  The goal was to move the ball forward on a few current/open items, and set others in motion to strengthen the Waxhaw Region, round out members of the new Board, and our plans for service and growth in 2020. 

We know the Mission of F3 Nation is To Plant, Grow, and Serve Small Workout Groups For Men For The Invigoration Of Male Community Leadership.  At the same time, we are given autonomy to run and grow F3 Waxhaw in a way that works best for our Region and Pax, with our only guardrails being the 5 Core Principles of F3 Nation (Free of Charge, Open to All Men, Held Outdoors, Led in a Rotating Fashion, Ends with a COT).

With all this said, here is the Agenda and Updates from the Board Meeting to provide visibility into what we are working on for the benefit of the Pax and Region.

  • Board Members – Update
    • Functional Q’s (2 per Function)
      • Weasel Shakers: Mad Dog, Posse
      • 1st F:  Hollywood, Dasher
      • 2nd F: Zinfandel, OPEN
      • 3rd F:  Bottlecap, Deadwood
    • Special thank you to Dasher and Deadwood for stepping into these new roles.  2nd F co-Q to be announced soon.
  • Website Update (Zinfandel)
    • Zinfandel, Legalized, Schedule C, and Wedding Singer working to develop the F3 Waxhaw website
    • To include a schedule/calendar of Workouts and Events, FNG info, relevant Waxhaw and Nation information, etc.
    • Look for the site to be live by January 2020.
  • F3 Waxhaw Holiday Party11/16/19, 8pm – 11pm at the Lawson Clubhouse
    • Please sign-up if you plan to attend (M’s are welcome too)
    • Food is covered but is BYOB
    • Need some Pax to help setup and break down (should be simple)
    • *Note: Donations will be taken to build a small fund for F3 Waxhaw to the benefit of our community.  This will simply be used to allow us the flexibility to bless and serve those in need in our community (many different ways to do this). More to come on this…
  • 3rd Annual EFFFEEs 12/7/19, 8pm – 11pm at the Briar Crest Clubhouse
    • A night of celebrating roasting the Pax for their efforts in 2019
    • Pax only…no M’s or 2.0’s for this event
  • Safety – Priority of F3 Nation
    • Reminder to take this very seriously during workouts
    • Also keep in mind that there is always a brother struggling with something that he may not tell us about. We need to reach out to the Pax we haven’t seen in a while, and stay close to those we workout with every day. We never know what they are going through. 

Other topics to be discussed (future meetings):

  • November Board Meeting – Date TBD
  • Service Projects (Nesbit Shed build and cleanup)
  • AO Expansion Plan (Ruck workout, Weddington MS, others?)
  • Whetstone and Leadership Discussions (different than Q Source)
  • Pax Profiles coming soon
  • Q Schools (Requirement and Schedule)
  • Grow School

Thanks to all the Pax who have volunteered/been voluntold to help make the new F3 Waxhaw Region an immediate success.  We still have a lot of work to do, but none of this would be possible without the synergies between the Board, Functional Q’s, Site Q’s, and the rest of the Pax willing to do whatever it takes to execute on the plans.  

2019 has been a great year for Waxhaw, and now that we are a standalone F3 Region, 2020 will be even better. There are many men in our community that need the impact of F3, and plenty of current Pax looking to step up and lead in 2020 (in their individual areas of strength). Please let us know if you have any thoughts/concerns/questions/opportunities to make the Waxhaw Region better.  We don’t have all the answers, but I think we can all agree we have something special down here in little ‘ole Waxhaw NC.  

See You In The Gloom!

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