Just a Little workout

Just a Little workout

Another cool, crisp morning in the gloom and YHC’s first Friday back at Centurion in several weeks.  22 men made the decision to get one last weekday workout in before some Friday night shenanigans…or is that just me?  Chelms tried to throw some gas on the fire last night with a little twitter war about this being an easy workout.  I aim to please, so I tried to make it as easy for our one of our most senior members as possible.  I didn’t want him breaking a hip.  Here’s what we did:


Warmup stroll down Little, left on Walsh, back onto campus, and then mosey over to the Japanese restaurant parking lot just in time for the food truck to pull out and leave something foul smelling for our enjoyment during the COP:

  • SSH x 20
  • Merkins x 10
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Slow Rising Merkins x 10
  • Low Slow Squat x 20

Run up 51 to McMahan and over to the rock pile near the corner of Little and partner up.  P1 do rock exercises while P2 runs up Little to Carmel and back (Flapjack)

  • Curls and Tricep extensions (2 rounds each)
  • Squat Thrusters and Romanian Dead Lifts (1 round)
  • Flutter Press and LBCs (1 round)

Each partner ran Little 4 times.  Planned for 6 rounds but we were severely pressed for time, so we cut it back and moved on.  Mosey over to Aquatic Center parking lot and line up at the bottom.

  • P1 Burpee Broad Jump
  • P2 Run backwards to top of lot and back to P1 (flapjack)
  • Repeat until at the top
  • Repeat the whole set a second time

Mosey back to the launch just in time for 20 Heels To Heaven.  0615 and we’re done.


Naked Moleskin

Well I did have a lot planned for this morning.  I guess that run up Little to Carmel was a little further than I thought and took a while for 4 rounds for each guy.  That took us until about 0608, so I had to cut it all back.  You’re welcome, Chelms.  But all that worry about Chelms hurting himself was thrown out the window with our WD Snooka smoking everyone out there.  #beastmode  He put the 18 year olds to shame…except when it came to burpee broad jumps.  Holy Smokes!  DL is a legit frog.

Great to see some familiar faces and some new ones.  Welcome FNG Tommy Boy.  The folks back in Sandusky are proud of you.  Just remember, you don’t take No…I’m sure you got it.  Champagne was very excited about good form slow rising merkins.  Not as excited about running.  Bug Eater, Run Stopper, Utah, Abacaus all put in good work.  Margo was supposed to bring some goodies for everyone who posted.  #Liar   Purple Haze…were you there?  I have you down, but I don’t remember even seeing you.  Everyone else, awesome job.  22 is a lot for me to keep up with.

Great work men…and Mermaid.

Yours truly,



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Chelms aka Tatertot
4 years ago

Pretty sure is was Bellfonataine and not Sandusky. Honda was another option for his name but TB was better

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