The Gerkin Gag

  • When:11/22/16
  • QIC: Fireman Ed
  • The PAX: Spackler, Harley, Tackling Dummy, Hoover, Stone Cold, Gaffer, Lex Luther, Dollywood, Tweetsie, Lois, Arena, BLC (R), Witch Doctor, Tellamondo, Smokey, Yeti, Blazing Saddles, High tide, Cotton Mouth, Hops, Bulldog, Header, Fletch, Baracus, Sanka, Pop, Kane, Fireman Ed (Q)

The Gerkin Gag

28 Men headed into the gloom for a Tuesday before Thanksgiving beat down.

The warm up:
20 X SSH
20 X IW
20 X slow squat
15 X slow merkins

The Thang:
Partner up, partner one lays on the ground face up with hands in the air partner 2 gets on top with his hands on partners performing merkins.

Had you all worried with the inbred Merkins, Bulldog was about to quit F3. Someone else threatened to band me from Q’ing forever
The real Thang:

Everyone one line up on the sideline

Round 1. Start with 5 swings run to the other sideline and do 3 burpees
Then 10 swings and 3 burpees. Continue by 5 until up to 25 swings then run and 3 burpees

Plank until everyone is done, even the people standing around chatting

Round 2. Same concept with curls and 5 merkins on the opposite side between each KB round increasing KB exercise by 5 each round. From 5 to 25

Round 3. Romanian Deadlifts and 3 burpees

Round 4. Squats and Lemon Squeezes (I stole from the former F3 goer Busch)
Was trying to get someone to lead us in jay low (better way to spell) but no one would step up, Hops tried but it was several mins after the request was made.
Round 5. Overhead presses and merkins

Round 6. One handed bent over rows starting with 5 each side up to 25 each side and 5 merkins on the opposite side of the field. Not two handed highrows, also you do not swing when you do high rows. I heard the comment Tiger rag says you should swing your back every KB exercise. Now how is his back? Stonecold I will give you credit F3 calls them lawnmowers but I also heard you say your kettle bell was too heavy for you to do 25 each arm or something like that.

Hops did get to lead some slow flutter but it was pointed out we were already past time.

Stat of the day this might be the first workout that I did not do jack webb in, Q fail. I also can’t believe high tide ran before the workout no wonder he had issues with his KB. Need to rip that 0.0 sticker off the jeep runner. Spackler I expect some witty comments and what happened on your side of the work out. Harley and Fletch thank you for letting me Q always an honor. I saw some people blazing through the workout Fletch, Arena, TD, Cotton Mouth. I couldn’t really see everyone at the far ends but I am sure there were many other strong performances. I am guessing Yeti and Dollywood the 20 year olds. Hops thank you for taking us out, you excelled at that part of your workout. Thank you Bulldog for the workout name. If I missed anything sound off in the comments.

F3 Dads Thanksgiving day 9-10:30 McKee elementary See Lex Luther for additional info

Fletch for operation Sweet tooth, reach him on Twitter

Joe Davis run sign up

Christmas party Text Mr. Bean

Kevlar and Joust converging Friday mass text Bulldog for details, he loves them

I am sure you have seen it several times but call High tide if you would like to order F3 cold gear

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High Tide
7 years ago

As requested:

Area 51 Winter Gear Order!
Just in time for Christmas deliveries, we’re offering the Area 51 logo on Winter gear! From long sleeved shirts to fleece pullovers and hoodies, we’ve got you covered- literally. Ordering is open One Week Only, ending Monday, November 28, so don’t delay.

Reply to  High Tide
7 years ago

If Sants asks where his missing Ho went, tell him to check A51 BB’s thru EOB on 11-28. #GearHo.

Reply to  Tiger-Rag
7 years ago

Dang it. Santa.

High Tide
7 years ago

You also missed me blazing through the workout, if I wasn’t modifying it.

Thanks for the lead, FE!

7 years ago

Strong work Fireman Ed. It also takes some thick skin to captain this group, so well done. Just to let you know how we run things, Fletch & I would have taken over the workout if you moved forward on your partner hug/merkin plan. Know your audience.

I think it is time for some folks to move up in KB size. If you breezed through that workout, your KB is too small.

7 years ago

Any time I see curls in a KB BB I know I am reading the work of someone whose attention to detail is second to many, if not most. Result: troll comment denied.

7 years ago

Fireman Ed, as pointed out by Stone Cold, took to using his radio voice a good bit…weird. Some strong work out there for sure…not by me. Also some atrocious form out there…you know who you are…and you’re not getting any stronger. Spackler doesn’t do burpees, or merkins or whatever Busch calls those Lemon Juicer things. Kotters to Cottonmouth. High Tide’s a runner, and I’m not buying any gear.
Some other observations of this morning’s skunk festivities:
Lex Luthor appeared to be dressed like Rocky Balboa’s trainer Mickey #eyeofthetiger
Hoover actually does all the reps unlike some of you jokers
Didn’t hear much from Bulldog except he repeatedly was asking for J. Lo’s #obsessed
Baracus quit running and picked up a KB #firstandfinalmarathon
Spackler and Dollywood (I think?) were talking politics…something about letting people starve to death #uncompassionateconservatism

Thankful for you guys….seriously….even you Spackler

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

Good summary. I would also add that Lex Luthor was so bundled up that I did not recognize the super hero until almost through the workout. It’s just not that cold yet.

Second point – I question the Lemon Squeezy call. I’m no new-comer to F3 and that exercise name was a first, not new to the exercise. Maybe V-ups? I also question quoting Busch who has given up F3 for the YMCA or whatever.

Reply to  Harley
7 years ago

valid rebuttal and addition on Busch and the Lemon Juicers….that didn’t sound good

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

Feel so honored to be mentioned a few times above. JFTFR, I may have only done 6 burpees today but that’s no surprise. I did every crotch toupee and then some.

As for the politics Hops, you must have been confused. I am a very compassionate man.

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