Putting the OX in FOXHOLE

  • When:06/08/2015
  • QIC: Byron
  • The PAX: Chanel, Voodoo, New Trick (War Daddy), Tootie, Ickey Shuffle, Loogie, Soft Pretzel, Dear Abby, Brushback (Site FNG), Gomer Pyle, Abacus, Brown, Madame Tussaud, Byron

Putting the OX in FOXHOLE

14…the answer is 14.

The question is how many oxen-like men does it take to dominate the Circus of Pain?


Overhead Bell carry to end of lot for COP
SSH – 15
IW – 15
Full-body Mobility Circles – 4 each way
KB Swings – 20
Scorpion Merkins – 10
Prying Squats – 5
KB 101 and KB Flow set – make it up for 1 minute
Overhead Bell carry back to the Circus

Get in teams of 3 for IOD (Implement of Doom), KB Flow, and Run 100-ish yards with 1 burpee.  Runner is the timer.  Keep rotating in your group until all 3 have hit the IOD.

Today’s 8-ring Circus included:

75lb. Steel Log
Tire flips or sledgehammer (users choice)
Battling ropes
Dolly sidewinders or knee tucks
65lb. BB (users choice) – curl, press, or one-arm snatches
40lb. MB Squat and Launch
Banded lunging rainbows
Slosh pipe (Thanks Chanel!)

COT – Group takeout with some heavy requests. Thanks for sharing


I was honored to lead for the first time at Foxhole.  Many thanks to Chanel and Voodoo for the invite.  Great group of dudes and even had a couple of Diamondhead brothers (Ickey and Tootie) post today.

Personal Highlight #1 – After a brief discussion on KB swing technique, the War Daddy New Trick tremendously improved his form.  Great job!  You lived up to your name!

Personal Highlight #2 – COT prayers – I remember what was mentioned and will continue to lift those things up today.

Small soap-box rant – I don’t know why more fitness professionals don’t attend F3.  I have learned so much as both part of the Pax and Q over the years.  Now that I work for my church full time, I think it would be like a minister who only preaches and never sits in the congregation or kneels at the altar.  We all have to check our ego and be served in order to better serve.  I am thankful for all of the F3 brothers from Metro and Area 51 that have enriched my life and made me better.


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9 years ago

Great to have you come out and Q for us Byron and thanks for the strong takeout. That was a great workout, offering tons of variety and fun new ways to get beat down. Between watching you demo the scorpion merkin and the upside down bell clean/press I think a few of us were demoted back to junior varsity, haha.

9 years ago

Aye, thanks for making the trip down, Byron. The IODs were a great change of pace. If you had simply described the scorpion merkin without a demonstration, I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. And I’ll pass on the upside down bell clean/press; I’m pretty sure I’d drop it on my head.

It was great to see some site FNGs out there today. Thanks for coming out and please join us again.

High Tide
9 years ago

Looks like a great one. I remember some of those from DH, like the dolly sidewinders and the steel log, and I’m bummed I missed it. Curious about the scorpion merkins…

9 years ago

HT, I’ll show you one, but only one. I wish I had watched Chanel to see if he did them one-armed…

9 years ago

IOD workout is one of the toughest out there. It challenges muscles you never knew you had. Certainly puts what you might consider a work out in perspective. However, the best squat I did this morning was the one in the porta john! #eatsmart #poorplanning

9 years ago

Really enjoyed the Q and meeting you Byron. Always great to vary it up. Your demo of the scorpion merkin was pretty stellar.

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