Is this burning an eternal flame?

  • When:01/09/2015
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Splinter, Tiger Rag, Joker, Simba, Harley, Fletch, Turkey Leg, Hops, PBQB, Pop Tart, Frosty Paws, Spackler, Donkey Kong, Cottontail, Sanka, Cheesecurd, Bulldog, Semi Gloss, Brown, Chanel, Ray Charles, Salt Lick, Ex Lax

Is this burning an eternal flame?

23 came proudly to Kevlar with toys in hand for the second annual shake weight challenge.


10 min warm up
5 burpees and lap of track. Repeat increasing 5 burpees each lap. Prize for winner.

Circle of pain
1) Shake weight (pax favorite)
2) KB swings
3) Jump rope
4) Medicine ball mason twists
5) Ropes
6) TRX flys
7) Pull ups
8) Shoulder presses
9) Box jumps
10) Louganis with medicine ball
11) Ab roller
12) Tractor tire flip
13) Sankas sledgehammer on tire
14) Bar curls
15) Dead lifts
16) KB presses
17) Decline merkins
18) Perfect push ups
19) KB presses
20) LBC’s on big ball
21) Plate raises
22) KB presses
23) Box jumps

Exercise 30 secs hard switch and repeat.

Plank up – six inches and plank around the circle until song finishes (or not)



Great showing today in chilly temps and lots of gizmos came along for the “day of the shake-weight”.

We got going quickly today with the laps and burpees which made the pax forget the cold very quickly as the anticipation for the circle of pain intensified. Whoever won the burpee/running combo was honored with getting their hands on the shakeweight first. It was Joker who wanted it real bad and he just pipped Turkey Leg and Fletch to get to show us how its done.

There were lots of other exercises that got the burn going but it seemed that the shake weight was the most intriguing. Do you go two hands, one hand, behind the head, do you look at the pax, turn around, or close your eyes to soften the pain? Some of the pax looked way more comfortable than others with this gadget – Spackler and Harley spring to mind. For those struggling with technique there seemed to be plenty of advice being offered up.

Tiger Rag was assigned as the DJ to help offset any awkwardness caused by shaking in silence. George Michael seemed to strangely pop up on the playlist more than any other artist today (!) but it was the Bangles that caused the pax the most pain. With only a few minutes to spare YHC called for the plank-six inch wave around the circle. Not knowing how eternal the “Eternal flame” rendition went on for we attempted to outlast the song. Donkey Kong refused after two minutes and instead of calling out “down” or “up” Brown started screaming “stop!” It shames me to write that we failed to outlast the Bangles.

In a morning filled with strange exercising equipment and a random playlist I will leave you with these inspirational lyrics to get you through your day:

Close your eyes
Give me your hand darling
Do you feel my heart beating?
Do you understand
Do you feel the same
Or am I only dreaming?
Is this burning, an eternal flame?

I am sure that all 23 of us now have a connection with this song that will live long in the memory…


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7 years ago

You’re not dreaming–Haze understands. He feels the same.

7 years ago

I just downloaded the CD. #coupleskate

7 years ago

Great work Bulldog, really enjoy these gear circuits…even with burpee appetizer. Thank you TR – I’ve been quietly humming Eternal Flame all morning…really hope noone hears me.

Reply to  Fletch
7 years ago

Fletch… why quietly hum along… go ahead and just belt it out… let the world [or at least your co-workers] really know how you feel. Make it your Jerry McGuire moment in the office…

Reply to  Joker
7 years ago

Sage advice here from Joker. Let it go Fletch.

7 years ago

I didn’t realize the Bangles had 2 members that used to be men. Wow – learn something every day.
And in addition to Harley’s affinity for the shake weight, after the workout – he quickly claimed the Duke-blue exercise ball stating that it belonged to M. Harley…..yeah right.

Kotters to Pretty Boy Quarterback, Ray Charles & 1/2 Kotters to Salt Lick.
My first post at Kevlar in over a year. Good stuff…despite the music selection. Can someone else be DJ next week?

Cheese Curd
7 years ago

I know the Bengals is what we will all remember. But I was doing something, perhaps on the barbell, when Public Enemy – 911 is a joke, came on. I took a moment to look across the Pax and it looked like a fugitive workout. I love it, that’s why I came out. Great set up Bulldog!

Although its been discussed ad nauseam, but TR you selection in music is rough. Another moment is when I came around the track and was forced to do 15 burpees to Wham. AWFUL motivation!

Always good times! Workouts like these help me to stop fartsacking!

Reply to  Cheese Curd
7 years ago

WHAM! was the palate cleanser, lest the Cool J cookies spoil your taste for the Beastie Boys. That much attitude back to back can lead to an upset tummy.

7 years ago

I could have swore YOU CANT TOUCH THIS was going to come on while I was “shakin the weight”

7 years ago

As I was doing the TRX flies, I could see the shadow of someone workin’ the shake weight. I felt/feel dirty and disturbed and the music only confused me more. Fun times.

7 years ago

“Pipped”… British slang [I had to look it up] meaning, “to defeat an opponent.”

I wouldn’t have done so much sandbagging on the burpees if I had know that “winning” the burpee/run combo meant I’d be first on the shake weight. Yesterday I’m in tights and today I’m working out with the shake weights and listening to the Bangles. Very disturbing trend. I may just have to post at a FIA workout tomorrow.

And Curd, you are right… this morning did look like a prison yard workout. By the looks of us though we are defininitely a minimum security white-collar crime group of guys. Just your run of mill financial fraud and Ponzi scheme sort of stuff.

Reply to  Joker
7 years ago

Pipped, Shake Weights, Tights and Prison Yards should never go together in any combination or order.
This is not the Kevlar I remember.

Reply to  Bulldog
7 years ago

Is it any surprise that the Pax formerly (and in my mind, preferably) known as Wanker would post this?

You were duped by the “mates” and “pals”, Haggis. You were pipped, you were ALL pipped.

7 years ago

“Bangled”… British slang meaning, “to defeat multiple opponents.”

7 years ago

Urban dictionary definition of ‘Pipp’:2. Someone who thinks he’s athletic but sucks donkey balls when it comes to playing sports

7 years ago

My thought.
Bangles. Not good. Sorry. I had to take it in my own hands and stop the music.
Shake weight awkward. Although Sanka seemed to be very comfortable with it. Also Sanka has an actual work out sledgehammer.
The burpees run thing made me realized once again how much I don’t like burpees. seriously. Spackler called me out for refuseniking but I had to.
In all seriousness great workout it was a great circuit training.

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