Snot Biscuits

  • When:1/3/2015
  • QIC: Countertop and Horsehead
  • The PAX: Countertop (QIC), Horsehead (QIC), Boondock (2.0), Drop Thrill, The Late Show, EE, Glass Joe, Doughnut Hole, Shepherd, Green Thumb (Kotters), Nekot (Kotters), Chapstick (FNG)

Snot Biscuits

Pre Thang:

Drop Thrill ran for 1.5 miles
Horsehead ran for 4 miles
EE ran for 5 miles
GJ ran for 5 miles carrying a gallon of thick green mucus

The Real Thang:

1st half – Countertop

Hairband mile or two around the parking lot

– SSH x20
– IW x 20
– Perfect Merkins x10
– 4 count Squats x20
– Mountain climbers x20
– LBCs x20

– Mosey to school bus parking lot
– Lunge Walk Indian Run
– Plank
– Mosey to MS

– Merkins x1 min AMRAP OYO
– Wide Arm Merkins x1 min AMRAP OYO
– Diamond Merkins x1 min AMRAP OYO
– Elevated Carolina Dry Docks x1 min AMRAP OYO

Wall Work
– Peoples Chair x 1min
– Calf Raises x1min AMRAP OYO
– Peoples Chair x 1min w/ Air Presses x20
– Calf Raises x1min AMRAP OYO
– Peoples Chair x 1min w/ Air Presses x20

2nd Half – Horsehead Q

The Pinball (Ice 9 Trademark)
– Pinball Run back to middle school hill
– Stops on the way for a couple of planks to let the six recover

11s on the Sun Valley Hill (is this the only Valley Hill?)
– Red Pill – choose burpees and jump squats
– Blue Pill (FNG option) – choose mountain climbers and regular squats

Pull O Rama
– 20 hanging rows on the rails
– 19 hanging rows on the rails
– 15 hanging rows on the rails
– 10 hanging rows on the rails
– 5 hanging rows on the rails (failure)

– Heels to Heaven X 20IC
– Flutter X 20IC
– Rosalita X 20IC
– Peoples Choice Protractor
– 20LBC OYO to finish it out


So today was FNG resolution day, and there were reports of dozens, even millions, of new recruits coming pouring into the Sun Valley Middle School campus this AM. The PAX had been threatened with 1/2 hour of burpees followed by 1/2 hour of track if no FNGs posted, and were hyping up the EHs throughout the week.

Enter the fartsack . . .

I rolled back from possibly being banned from the Bojangles across the street and saw the usual cars in the lot. CT had the flag flying and the usual suspects were present, many swathed in their new Christmas clothing with tales of insane relatives and unwanted household appliances. However, there was not an FNG to be seen anywhere. Hairband, who had singlehandedly promised 4, must have forgotten to set his Van Halen alarm clock. No Snowman either, even after making an unbreakable vow with GJ using his snot covered elder wand. We did gladly welcome back two Kotters, Green Thumb and Nekot. And by gladly, I mean that we made one of them puke (whoops).

We had just started the COP when my EH came screaming into the parking lot and jogged over to meet us during the warmup. Bam – success! Back to the original plan of a FNG friendly workout with something for everyone.

Countertop’s first half was designed to familiarize the PAX with the F3 terminology and counting and allow everyone to keep their own pace. Not much running, but a tough push-o-rama that put most at the failure point. All along, GJ kept complaining about his sinus infection and blowing thick green mucus all over the side of the school, the parking lot, several small children, and a hovercraft limousine of Italian nuns. Never you mind the unused grassy areas all around, make sure to blow that stuff directly where the children play. I think he snot rocketed 144 times, which was gross. See how I did that.

The 2nd half was designed to give options to the PAX for how hard they wanted to push it. Most chose the Red Pill (Burpees and Jump Squats) on the 11s, but a couple modified to the Blue Pill (Mt. Climbers and Regular Squats). The Red Pill was tough. After the hill work, there were some serious failures on the rail rows under the shelter, which I would have probably been in the middle of had I not been counting the cadence on them.

Overall, a really strong performance by the PAX. Lots of guys pushing their limit during the pinball runs, which is a cool little thing that Ice 9 came up with a few weeks ago. You can cover a lot of ground without losing the six or forcing the speedsters to throtle back. Basically a series of AYG runs to various intermediate landmarks with “pinball” bounces back to the end to regroup after each sprint. The lead runners end up covering about twice the distance at a faster pace and the guys in the back don’t get left in no man’s land. Indian Runs are so 2014 – Pinball runs are the dog’s bollocks.

Finished out with a test coffeteria at the Bojangles (instead of McDonalds) since we were looking to start some 3rd F discussions next Saturday at 8:30AM and they have a better seating arrangement. Details to come on this, but we are are looking to expand the normal Outland cafeteria to accommodate an 8:00 to 8:30 breakfast/coffee and 8:30 to 9:00 3rd F book study for those who want to hang around.

Speaking of Bojangles, it wouldn’t be right not to mention that a smoked Nekot, on his 2nd F3 post, somehow managed to choke down the crackers through the final COP and COT only to barf them up at the Bojangles. Maybe he should have taken the white pill.

Welcome FNG Chapstick, with the same hospital name (minus the stick part). Reminds me of the comedian who added the “on a stick” line to everything. Chap pushed it hard but smartly modified the things that he needed to to avoid TBQ. Did notice him stripping down layers pretty quickly during the final hill set. He almost, and probably should have, got nicknamed LaFawnduh but we were merciful and gracious.


Joe Davis Run on 1/10. Outland has at least 5 signed up. However, we will still plan to run a normal workout for the rest of the pax. Details to come.

New 3rd F for Union County in the works – looking to meet directly after Sat. Coffeteria. Stay Tuned.

Keep EHing the FNGs. Always glad to have new folks out in Hazard County.

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Glass Joe
7 years ago

I apologize for all the snot I flung around today. It was either snot or #fartsack. I did at least go behind a tree after those 11s and spare you guys having to see the mess that was coming out at that point.

Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Joe you get the medal of honor for the morning. Having endured two sinus infections last year and still posting, I know how hard it is. And my infections don’t sound like they were as bad as yours.

Hair Band where you at? No response to my text either. He must’ve pulled an all nighter on the bus and is passed out in some Motel 6 on I-95.

Horse that last half was a smoker. I don’t know what I did, but my right shoulder was hurting all yesterday, even doing simple tasks. Feels better this a.m. though.

Chapstick keep coming back. It does get easier with time, just have to put in the time.

Joe better be done with the green slime by Saturday or I’m personally renaming him Slimer for the Joe Davis. 😀 And I’m wearing a mask in the #clowncar.

Glass Joe
7 years ago

My M would say take your medal of honor and make it a medal of idiocy for me. But, I’d had enough sitting around and was feeling great Friday afternoon/evening. Which made me forget that mornings are worse as I have to ‘clear’ out everything that built up overnight apparently. Oh well, nothing some snot rocket moments won’t solve. And yeah, some may have splattered onto the school building. Hoping the rain will wash it off today.

All will be happy to know that Nekot was in good shape at church this morning other than soreness. No more merlot incidences.

Glass Joe
7 years ago

HH, that’s awesome! Stories like that make it completely worth showing up even when you might not feel like it. #ISI

Drop Thrill
7 years ago

I talked to Hairband last night and he’s running a fever of 103, so we’ll give him a pass this week.

Praying for Joe and HB.

Glass Joe
7 years ago

Thanks DT! Last night was the first good night of sleep I’ve had in a week so I’m feeling much better. Hate to hear that about HB!!!!

Double E
7 years ago

First, Great BB Horse! You sure are Wan Funny Guy. I just wish you would get your Elvis schedule worked out before what seems to be every Pre-workout we take part in now when at some point you go MIA. Ask Shepard and Donut Hole their secret as they always request the Oatmeal AFTER the workouts are finished. Not only that but GJ had been Horking and snotting all over the 5-mile trail Saturday morning (reminded me of a human Nickelodeon Slime Geyser). Glad you could make it through both workouts brother, solid work. Great Q’s from CT and HH this morning and I believe everyone was thoroughly beat down. Awesome seeing DT still banging out the Pre-runs and welcome Chapstick! Always a Great Time working out @ #F3Outland with all the PAX. Get well HB!

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