Bassackwards 5K

  • When:12/20/2014
  • QIC: Double E, Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Countertop, Hairband, Shepherd, The Late Show, Turnpike, Zip-A-Dee, Double E (QIC), Glass Joe (QIC)

Bassackwards 5K


A disclaimer said even though everyone is a F3 veteran. You can just tell this one will be interesting. But in keeping with safety first, I did tell everyone to make sure they put their hand behind their head if they started to fall. Better a hand than a brain hemorrhage. And with that, let’s get going……

The Thang

GJ on Q!
Let’s start with a Hairband Mile at which point the PAX are told that all running during this workout will be backwards unless told otherwise which would only be due to safety concerns. So, it’s a backwards Hairband Mile. Hey, where is Hairband BTW?

SSH x 20 (Oh look, there’s Hairband)
In honor of Hairband’s late arrival, 10 burpees OYO
IW x 20

To the hill and partner up. Partner 1 does merkins. Partner 2 runs backwards uphill and Dolly x 20 at the top and then run backwards downhill. Now partners switch up. Keep at it until your group has combined for 200 merkins. Plank when finished.

Backwards run to the bus lot. 10 low, slow squats.
Backwards run with a little bit of karaoke mixed in.
Backwards run and then plank at the entrance to the back road to keep the PAX together.
Backwards run. 20 seal situps.
And now a long, grueling backwards run that is slightly uphill and no stops so we can enjoy the fullness of the climb. Let’s plank at the gate. Um wait, there’s a car coming so let’s backwards run a little bit more into the parking lot (wonder if that looks weird for him to see 8 guys running backwards for no good reason).
10 Burpees OYO.
Backwards run to the football field.
Hey, I have two minutes, protractor and now it’s Double E time.

Double E On Q!
Mosey to the SVHS football field for the 2nd Ever – 100 Yards of (Backwards) Kamikaze Suicides
Slightly modified – All running backwards and pain as follows:
Start at Endzone Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
Backward Run to opposite Goal Line 100 Yards – 10 Burpees / 10 Low Deep Squat Jumps / 10 BombJacks
Backward Run to Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
Backward Run to 90 Yard Line – 9 Burpees / 9 Low Deep Squat Jumps / 9 BombJacks
Backward Run to Goal Line A w/ 20 LBC’s
80 YD Line (8/8/8), backwards to GL 20LBC
70 YD line (7/7/7), backwards to GL 20LBC
60 YD line (6/6/6), backwards to GL 20LBC
50 YD line (5/5/5), backwards to GL 20LBC
40 YD Line (4/4/4), backwards to GL 20LBC
30 YD line (3/3/3), backwards to GL 20LBC
20 YD line (2/2/2), backwards to GL 20LBC
10 YD line (1/1/1), backwards to GL 20LBC
Flutter while all PAX finish
Backwards mosey to Track for ¼ Mile Backwards Sprint /Run around track!
Mosey to Bottom of hill for What??? How about a little Backwards Jail Break to PSV
The Bassackwards 5K is now complete!!

Joe Davis Run
Unbroken viewing Signup
Prayers for DT and Electric Slide
Workout convergences???
Thanks to Shepherd for taking us out.

Great work by everyone for what was a real crowd pleaser. Thanks to Double E for the 5 miler to kick things off at 6 AM. Though it was a forwards run so did it really count? We did not know coming into this that we’d do 3 miles….backwards. That is like realizing you have a gift remaining under the tree when you thought you were done. And now when someone asks if you’ve ever run a 5K backwards, you can answer ‘Yes I have actually’. #bucketlist
A Bassackward workout seemed like a great idea when GJ and I were discussing it during a long O2 deprived run. But it seems all the PAX thoroughly enjoyed the F3 workout experience in Reverse! The Kamikaze Suicides never get easy and there was not much mumblechatter during the workout, except when CT started singing some Pirate song #THINKHEWASLOSINGIT. Great Job by all the PAX for sticking it out and finishing the beatdown in a new direction!

Always an Honor Growing with such an Amazing group of Men!! And appreciate all of the guys going over to help Turnpike with his move into his new house. Minimal bungee cords and maximum loads are a #F3Outland tradition at this point.


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7 years ago

So I head out of town for a weekend and this is what you two window lickers come up with?

If you ran 5 forwards and then 3 backwards, that’s only 2 total. It’s like the odometer in Ferris Bueller.

Hair Band
Reply to  Horsehead
7 years ago

Funny you mention that, I did ask GJ if this subtracted from his 1000 miles like the Ferarri odometer. #Bueller #wereold

So while my legs are tight from this, the arches of my stinkin’ flat feet are hurting! #embracethesuck

Double E
7 years ago

Window Licker??? Really? This was a bad idea turned into reality after a couple of months talking about how much it would suck! I am sore in quite a few places that have never experienced pain before. I am sorry you missed it buddy!
OH and by the way, the numbers on an odometer never go backwards Cameron!

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