Base Camp goes through the tunnel

  • When:5/5/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: SMASH, Pele, Slim Fast, Swanson, Big Top, Ralphie (FNG Brian B), Mall Cop, Coleslaw, Goon, Spinner, Simba, Passport, Robin Hood, Geraldo, Fireman Ed, Crockett, Relo, Strange Brew

Base Camp goes through the tunnel

18 Men showed up and left a little tired and perhaps a bit stronger, at least the was the intent.

The way they did that went something like this:

Mosey to football field for COP:


SSH x 20

5 Burpees oyo

IW x 20

4 Burpees oro

Merkins x 10

3 Burpees oyo

Squats (low slow) x 15

2 Burpees oyo

Mountain Climbers x 15

1 Burpee oyo

Peter Parker x 15

Line it up, get close.

YHC has had a hard time keeping in touch with his friends due to all the travel but was able to catch up with Jack Webb just now…

Jack Webb to 5, then down again

Get closer

Tunnel of Love, each man through once, only call go when completely through, except for Mall Cop whose age is affecting his hearing these days

Mosey to the baseball bleachers

Partner up, speed matters

Partner 1 run to the stairs and back while partner 2 does:

Dips x 20


Derkins x 10


Step ups or jump ups x 10



Mosey to the baseball outfield for some more COP


Merkins x 10

IW x 15

Mary IC:

Flutter x 15

Dolly x 15

Sid-The-Kid x 6 each way

Mason Twist x 10

Heels to Heaven x 10


Call for crowd favourite, Slim Fast takes LBC’s and leads the pax through x 20

Mosey to the snack shop for some wall to finish off the time.


So many guys that YHC is having a hard time getting to know all of them but that is a good problem to have.  I’ll keep working on it if you keep giving me grace to get there.  Saw some strong effort during the partner exercises, some good high fives handed out through exchanges and when (in YHC’s case) getting passed by others on the run.  A few real speedsters out there.  Heard a few groans during some of the Mary, that’s good, keep pushing yourself, the core is…well…core to almost everything we try and do it seems.  Maybe that’s why it’s called that, not sure.  A real honour to lead this group.


Crockett has been accepted into the Principal internship program which is fantastic, way to go brother!

Peak 51 launched last week at Matthews Elementary School, Thursdays at 0530, it is A51’s 3rd moderate workout of the week

Great send off into the day by SMASH, thanks brother for doing that after YHC put you on the spot.

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10 years ago

Some expansion was needed in the tunnel when Strange Brew and Big Top met in the middle. I am guessing some Pax were lifted during the exchange. Good work guys.

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