Begining to look a lot like Christmas

  • When:12/11/14
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Pudding Pop, Harley, Bluto (hydra FNG), Bug Eater Floor Slapper, Blue Cheese (Kotters), Gummy, Lost Weekend, Hairball, Brownie, Marge (FNG- Bart Reeves)

Begining to look a lot like Christmas


12 of the most eager men showed up to run thru a local neighborhood and find out if anyone has lights on at 0530.  Keep reading to see how much success we had..



No time for SSH, IW, mountain climbers, etc.  This group was given specific instructions to look for holiday décor and off we went.  While running, every time we came across a house that had any of the below, we took a few moments to appreciate them and proceed with a little pain.

Holiday lights- 15 merkens

Decorations- 15 LBC

Inflatables- 10 Burpees (per inflatable)


Besides the above mentioned exercises within our 1.2 mile run, we also took a break to bear crawl up a hill.  Overall we passed 14 homes, most had lights and décor, but at the end we found 2 houses with inflatables.  Unfortunately, both homes had inflatables, 8 total and were across the street from one another, so after 40 burpees, YHC audibled and called for 40 squats in place of burpees.

Before we left, a little Mary: Boat/ Canoe, Protractor, maybe one more

To add pain on the way back to AO, YHC found some 10 lb plates (wonder how those got there) and warned the Pax about the dangers of over eating during the holidays.  Given the average weight gain is close to 10lb, we picked up those plates and headed 1.2 miles back

To keep the Pax together we took several breaks for more merkens, planks and LBC

Once back to AO, we did a quick group x2 of exercises

20x- Dips

20x- Squats

20x- Decline


Mosey to parking lot for 2MOM

Protractor…….and done!


– The best thing about Q’ing during the holiday, is all the cleaver “holiday themed” workouts.  I am not claiming this to be cleaver, but at the F3 party, Stone Cold agreed that it would be funny to take the Pax to see some lights

– Yes, the house in the picture is YHC.  I actually cut myself off from putting more lights up

– I believe the Pax liked the idea as they were very quick to point out all of the lights and décor along the way…that soon turned to questioning whether it was a light or decoration.

– I thought I had more in the tank to do 80 burpees because I asked my neighbor to inflate his, but after a month off, I was not feeling it so audible (your welcome)

– Welcome Marge (FNG-Bart Reeves) you almost squeaked out Superman (concerns over being too strong of name).

– Always a pleasure to lead and in this case, I needed it to get me back into the gloom after being out!  Thanks for humoring me this AM and working hard!

– Thanks gummy for taking us out!



– Bug Eater is encouraging everyone to be home with their kids on Christmas, so sorry, no workouts 🙂 Thanks Bug!  However, New Years day convergence-TBD.

– Rock on Sat is under new management.  Come see what Gummy and Hopper have planned

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8 years ago

I think Joel, Grant, Jon and Jason did great at the push-ups.

Fun workout, Curd. Good dose of running and more merkins that I’d choose to do on my own. I was impressed at the pace you set on the run down Rea Rd on the way into the neighborhood. Less impressed with the pace on the way out, but thankful. And I can’t believe that I forgot to work your recent “procedure” into the mumblechatter this morning. #frozenpeas

Stage Coach
Stage Coach
8 years ago

Who are these Joel, Grant, Jon and Jason people you speak of?

Reply to  Stage Coach
8 years ago

Cheese Curd called Pudding Pop, “Joel” right in the middle of the workout. It was weird and unsettling.

8 years ago

Curd just love bustin your chops but have to admit this was a fun one. Great lead today man. Good to see you back out in the gloomy.

Next up, High Tide to close out the Hydra year.

High Tide
8 years ago

Hmm…is Christmas Bells a euphemism for Kettle Bells?? I’ll have to work to come up with something to uphold the high traditions of Hydra, but I’m sure we’ll find a way to break a sweat.

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