Hot Tub on a cold day

  • When:12/10/14
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Bananas, Gutter Ball, Hot Tub (FNG), Bratwurst, Hot Pants, Haggis, Stump Hugger, Probation, Tiger Rag, Runstopper, Soft Pretzel

Hot Tub on a cold day

11 suburban assassins posted at the drom for a little Wednesday calisthenics.

The Thang
20 ssh
20 Merkins
15 Imperial Walkers

Mosey to picnic tables
3 rounds
20 step ups
20 decline Merkins
5 burpees

Mosey to back football field
Partner up
P1 run 100 yards out and back
P2 maktars
Flapjack/Rinse and Repeat
P1 bear crawl 25 yards and run back
p2 diamond merkins
Flapjack/rinse and repeat
Indian run to front lot/road
20 Carolina dry docks
Run to back lot
10 burpees
Split into 3 groups
1 at top of lot (squats)
1 at bottom (man makers)
3rd group run and relieve
4-5 rounds

Back to COT


Fun group with Tiger Rag and Run Stopper providing celebrity appearances. TR busted out a beautiful T-shirt that had a photographed screen printed camel and hump daay spelled out in 100 font…class. We named FNG Hot Tub, you can ask him why, crazy story!! Nothing weird going on out here with Hot Pants and Hot Tub being two of our newest recruits. This is an awesome site and it is assuming a mumble chattering atmosphere as you might imagine. Sound off on anything I missed. Thanks for allowing me to lead you fellas, always an honor.

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Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Dude you forgot one…

Who has the strongest memory the camel or the elephant?

9 years ago

Welcome to FNG Hot Tub (Robby B). That actually adds to Hot Pants and Hot Pocket that have been named at this AO. Trending.

Apparently Marines will bear crawl to the end of the earth. Hot PANTS was headed into the Gloom so far that we sent SAR after him.

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
9 years ago

Not sure the ‘wraslin’ TR and I did should make the back blast, but what should make the back blast is the fact that I beat him again. #NEXTIMEIWEARTIGHTS

Also, just so we are all clear, Haggis ‘tap’ on my shoulder when he were in the Indian run could qualify as brutality against a fellow F3er. heck I think im bruised, and being black its pretty difficult to bruise me. I would like to report him to the F3Q-popo department.. #RayRice

Strong work by all, special call out to hotpants who decided to bear crawl an extra 50 yards to the wrong light pole.

Excellent lead, Bananas!

Reply to  Run Stopper
9 years ago

I beat our Hobbit friend on the first match and only gave up on the second one after getting savaged by the Mississippi Leg Hound. It may have been hump day but it was not a happy hour.

Welcome to our man Hot Tub who, by the looks of it, enjoyed his first bear crawl this morning. More of a carioca bear crawl (Bearioca?). The almost-50-year-old was going straight up sideways.

Slightly disappointed that there was neither a picture nor a reference to a Bactrian camel.

Reply to  Bananas
9 years ago

She’s a beaut, Clark.

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