A Fury, A Ninja Turtle, & A Partridge In A Pear Tree

  • When:12/6/14
  • QIC: Drop Thrill, Horsehead
  • The PAX: Big League Chew (Ruck) (WD), Hair Band (Ruck), Belly Flop (2.0), Counter Top, Late Show, Double E, Horsehead (QIC), Boondock (2.0), Drop Thrill (QIC)

A Fury, A Ninja Turtle, & A Partridge In A Pear Tree

This week was a bit of a roller coaster of a week for me.  Fury 325 was topped off (pictured) at Carowinds.  And yes that is a Christmas tree on the top of the lift/last piece of track placed. As most of you know, I got my name due to my love of all-things coaster.  So as you can guess that was a high point of the week for me.

And yes, I’ve ridden Intimidator, 325 times (coincidence? I think not).  It actually is I guess, but last year as I was finishing up my last rides for the year in September, rumors were flying that the new coaster would be 325 ft. tall, so I thought that would be a good place to stop.  And that’s 325 rides since 2010 just to clarify.

Monday came word that mom was being moved to Hospice, and of course there was the bottom of the week.  But my F3 brothers have kept me encouraged, and I know mom is going to a better place where she will be out of pain and discomfort.

Horsehead kindly offered to Q the whole morning, but I thought it would help me keep my mind off things if I was doing something constructive, and it did.

The morning dawned with something like a 50% chance of rain, but thank the good Lord for answering prayers in the affirmative, it stopped raining just as the Pax were rolling out for a #hairbandmile around the parking lot.

The Thang

After said Hair Band Mile…


5 – Penalty burpees for Hair Band being late and missing the Hair Band Mile!
15- SSH
15- IW
20 – Squats

OK enough of that, you are going to get plenty of leg work here in a second.

12 Days Of Christmas (or 12 Days of Torture, whichever you prefer.)

Just like the song that you can’t get out of your head this time of year, you will repeat everything for all 12 days. Aye? Aye!  As you can see, our true love is a sick and demented M.  So you do 1 sprint, 2 buprees, etc.  And every day you add one new exercise, then repeato all that you did before.

1-Sprint the parking lot.
3-Carolina dry docks
4-Lunges (4 each leg)
5-Star jumps
6-Little Baby Crunches
7-Smurf jacks (crowd pleaser)
9-Freddie Mercury
11- Flutters I think, or maybe mixed up the #.
12-Backwards run the parking lot.

Plank up in between sets as needed.

So that’s the end of my 30 minutes, on to you Horsehead!

Is this SPEARHEAD? I think I see a log!

Before I proceed with Horse’s part, I have to point out that BLC had brought his ruck, and for some
reason Hair Band wanted in on that, so Hair Band took the ruck (before) we started running across the fields.  Well played BLC, well played.

Back to you Horsehead…

Run to HS parking log with stops on the way for fence declines and supine pull-ups.
Bring coupons (6 snow sleds, bundle of shingles, 2 large pumpkins, 10 FT cedar log) to practice field
Two teams race hair burners across the field while the third team does a team exercise with the log.  2.0s run around with the pumpkins.   Go through until each team gets a turn on the log.  Alternating squats and overhead press on the log, which was pretty heavy. Not sure if anyone used the shingles.
Repeat all with partner hand slap merkins instead of the log exercises.
Final round – everyone goes to the second cone and back with the hair burners, which was a LONG way.  Lots of crawling and squirming on the way back.
One set of sprint suicides to the cones – 5 burpees at the 1st and 10 at the 2nd.
Native American Run back to flag.
Jailbreak race up the hill to flag – winner leads Mary.
Late Show edges out Horsehead by a beard, doesn’t touch the flag so HH leads 2MOM
20 LBCs IC
10 Burpees OYO


Good to see Big League Chew in the gloom!  He usually posts at Olympus, but he descended the mountain to come hang out with us mere mortals.  BLC and Byron were two of the three guys (Schedule C from Harrisburg is the third) that EH’d me into F3, yes for many months, but I finally gave in.

Strong work by all the Pax out there.  I’m so glad the rain held off, it would’ve sucked even more in the rain.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Double E even look like he’s working hard, but that last round of hair burners I think “about” did him in.  Man is a beast.  Thanks Double E for the canned food drive… as in driving over to Harris Teeter and grabbing three bags of canned goods before Coffeteria. Your heart is as big as your, um, heart.  I have this against you… you went to N.C. State.  But I digress.

At one point when Hair Band had the ruck on during the hair burners, he for some reason had a green sled on his back and he looked strangely like a teenage mutant ninja turtle.  Dude! Is it time for pizza?  Good work out there Hair Band, despite your hatred of running, I can see a big difference since my first Outland post in April.  Speaking of April, there is a mud run coming up…

Missed Glass Joe in the gloom, but he was running a 5k with one of his girls who crushed her best time.  PR crushed!  Way to go girl!

Thanks for all the support this year in the ups and downs and decline of my mom’s health.  I don’t know how people go through this stuff without the Lord and good brothers like you guys.

From Horsehead:

  • Had to drop off the large log and other weird items early before the workout and there was a Police car sitting right where they needed to go.  Did it anyway, and he thought it was pretty hilarious after I told him what we had going on.  UC police are much cooler than the Gestapo at the Rock, apparently.
  • 2 pre-workouts in a row have been a bust for EE due to HH having to hit the can.  This time, Bojangles was the victim.  (New F3 name needed? (DT insert))
  • Late Show shaved his legs – still recovering from this unnecessary knowledge and imagery.  Move over Deana Carter.
  • Good to see BLC out at the Outland.  Not good to smell BLC during the Outland.
  • Lots of hard work on the sleds today – those things are not easy

It was an honor to lead men more concerned about their health than their comfort.  Many would have looked at the weather report and #fartsacked.  And then we didn’t even get rained on!  Well, a little sprinkle in COT.  Till next time.

DT Out.

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

Missed you guys! Sounded like a good beatdown! My 2.0 ran a 41+ minute 5K on July 4th. Yesterday was in the 34s. 7 minutes off. It’s a good reminder of the effect of training consistently and the example you guys help me set as my girls all know F3 is where I get up early and go work out to stay healthy. They each want to do physical activity as they see it as a part of my life. #IMPACT! As crazy as it sounds, looking forward to being back out there next week!!!

Reply to  Glass Joe
8 years ago

It was a good time. We also had a round of “drag the 2.0s around on the sleds” that I forgot about. I think Hairband wanted to get on.

Double E
8 years ago

ISO committed Pre-work PAX that will complete AM run / KB work to its entirety. Is it me?? 2 weeks in a row I get left! We will keep trying Saturday mornings while these guys figure out their BM Schedule for the Holidays #DEPENDSONSALE !
Great Work today DT and HH! Both of your Q’s were Beast-Like! And YES, I was about DONE during the last round of the HH-Mile O’ Sled-Burners. The 12 Days O’Christmas was also very tough. I am trying to focus on not cheating the exercises and keeping better form. Sometimes I am so concerned about flying through the workout (like the 12 days), that I often find myself cheating the exercise and the benefits that come from it. It is amazing how much harder the workouts are when I am dialed into the full range of motion (chest to ground merkins, getting very low on squats, including a good merkin during burpees and a good jump at the end.. etc.) Everyone should make sure they listen to their bodies for each exercise and modify whenever needed for certain motions. But it may be better to sacrifice the quantity of “Bad” reps for the quality of fewer “Correct” reps. I am trying to work on that myself. Pulling the 2.0’s on the sled’s was tougher than advertised
Great Group of Guys @F3Outland and I appreciate the privilege of growing with each of you in so many ways every Saturday! Prayers for DT’s Mom and Zip!

Reply to  Double E
8 years ago

Went for a run this AM and had to stop and drop bombs at a gas station about 3 miles in. I am seriously out of kilter here.

I’ll wear a Depends to the next pre workout and just power through.

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