We fought the law and the law won.

  • When:12/03/14
  • QIC: Bushwood
  • The PAX: Young Love (KB), Hair Ball (KB), Brushback (KB), Lobster Roll, Kirk, Steinbrenner, Hannibal, Big Top, Icky Shuffle, Abacus (KB), Tiger Rag (KB), Cake Boss, Mermaid (KB), Margo, Boutique, Champagne (KB), Beacon, OTannenbaum, Busch, Cane, Bushwood (Q)

We fought the law and the law won.

21 showed up, along with one fast, white sedan and one security guard…

The Thang

Mosey through large parking lot to a nice spot near entrance 1
-SSH: IC x 25
-Imperial Walkers: IC x 20
-Mountain Climbers: IC x 25

Partner up with similar speed and size and do the following:
Start at entrance 1 and run to first speed bump
10 Burpees each
Partner Carry to 2nd speed bump
10 burpees each
Partner carry to 3rd speed bump
10 burpees each
Run backwards to 4th speed bump
10 burpees each
Run to bottom of entrance 4
10 burpees each

Run back to Entrance 1 doing same sequence, but with 15 partner derkins at each speed bump and bottom of entrance 1

(enter white sedan flying through parking lot yelling at pax…)

Various plankidge and mary (Flutter IC x 25, Rosalita head fake to Russian Twist IC x 25)

Repeat same partner run as above but with 20 squats at each speed bump and bottom of entrance 4. Return with 25 LBCs at each speed bump and bottom of entrance 1.

That was the plan, however, halfway to entrance 4, a security guard shows up and scolds us for running on the road of the parking lot. In the dark. In the fog. After much confusion (He’s wearing a suit?!? It’s a nice one with a security guard patch. This guy is for real. Did he just roll out of bed and speed down here? Does Calvary have a 24 hour security guard? He’s very animated. He has lights on top of his truck, why aren’t they on? He should have those on because it’s dark and foggy out.) in my mind and realizing he’s serious, I say “Ok” (because all of these questions are still rolling through my head) and we mosey out of the road (which is really the parking lot?!?) and into the inner parking lot.

Scope out two light posts (make sure there are no white sedans) and we continue with original plan:
Run to first light post, 20 squats
Run to second light post, 20 squats
Turn around and partner carry to first light post, 20 squats
AYG back to start, 20 squats.

YHC gets his bearings of the new location (10 yards from the previous location…) and resets.

No more partners, let’s run suicides:
Run to first light post (50 yards), 25 LBCs
Run back to start, 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to second light post (100 yards), 25 LBCs
Run back to start, 10 Hand Release Merkins
Run to end (125 yards), 25 LBCs
Run back to start, 10 Hand Release Merkins

Many Minutes of Mary
Rosalita (no head fake): IC x 25
Freddy Mercury: IC x 25
Heels to Heaven: IC x 35
Merkins: IC x 20
Flutter: IC x 25
Wide Arm Merkins: IC x 10

Enough time for one more set of suicides:
Run to first light post, 10 sumo jump squats
Run back to start, 10 burpees (#stupid)
Run to second light post, 10 sumo jump squats
Out of time, nix back to start, and return to launch point

Ok, what happened with the white sedan? He was flying/racing through the parking lot, was held up by the pax running in the parking lot. Decided he should yell at Big Top for running in the parking lot when it was dark and foggy (a little fog, not a lot) and then raced across the parking lot (obeying no lane markers in the process; #EyeWitness, #WhoIsTheRealCriminalHere, #IRestMyCase) to tell the security guard of our shenanigans. I’m not sure why he was so upset. Maybe because we were working out and gettin’ swole and he wasn’t? Maybe because he had to be up so early? To the guy in the white sedan, we love you. Please post next week. Your name will be Angry White Sedan. Also, Simba is leading an Anger Management class at Uptown Church, we have referred you to him.

In all seriousness, the security guard was just doing his job. He received a complaint and wanted to make sure no one gets hurt #safetyfirst. T-claps to the guard. I should have told him that I did the disclaimer and he had nothing to worry about. My bad.

I have led twice at Anvil. The first time, we crossed Colony and it was dicey; like a herd of deer crossing a busy street. The second time, we get kicked off a portion of the parking lot. #MaybeItsMe #NahCantBe.

Kirk and Lobster Roll were flying on the suicide sprints. Mermaid was just behind them.

The workout was inspired by yesterdays Young Guns. The original plan was for 6 sets: burpees, derkins, squats, LBCs, HR merkins, and something I can’t remember. This would have put the milage at close to 3.

Not sure how much ground we covered, maybe 2ish, but we did 60 burpees, 75 partner derkins, 120 squats, 20 sumo jump squats, 30 HR merkins, 40 merkins, 20 wide arm merkins, and lots of mary.


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9 years ago

And there were three (3!) police cars hanging out by Entrance 2 (or is is 1?). #irony

Great Q, Bushwood. We only did 60 burpees? Felt like 600! I looked at my watch at 6:07 and was thankful it didn’t read 6:00. It was tough.

Great group of guys this morning – always a pleasure to work out with you all.

Oh, and thanks for the squat critique this morning, Champaign. #morepolice Seriously, though, always appreciated, though I was too gassed at the time to change a thing.

Reply to  Hannibal
9 years ago

Aye Hannibal – form police – just because I’m slow at squats and don’t like to be the 6 so I like to point out others to distract attention way from me.

Great Q this morning Bushwood – liked the idea – hate we didn’t get to finish it. Will have to try next time. and agree that last set of burpees was terrible.

Reply to  Champagne
9 years ago

Champagne (sorry for the earlier misspelling!), I think form is important, and I take pride in it (may be why I’m myself usually in the six when it comes to the exercises). And trying to keep up with Hairball is no joke! Thanks again. Iron sharpens iron.

9 years ago

Another strong Q Bushwood, thank you for leading today. The last few burpees were about all I could handle. Great group out there. T-claps to Champagne for a KB smoker Q and, of course, the angry man music.

As part of the disclaimer given at Anvil, perhaps Q includes a warning about traffic on the “road” AKA main thoroughfare of the parking lot. Loud verbal indicators and quick yield to cars. We always use it and there are typically a few cars that come through. Never usually a problem. Today the white sedan individual had little patience, which is not usually the case. Fairly certain I saw sparks when he landed after jumping a speed bump. Safety of PAX is primary concern.

9 years ago

Just glad none of the pax took the approach where an angry cyclist who once encountered the unruly #F3FastTwitch crew was told “chill out Francis.” I still say we should have consulted the 5-0 parked in the lot, or our own Esq. @youngloveF3 for a ruling.

Smoke city out there today BW. Solid Q.

9 years ago

All kidding aside for a moment, we need to keep in mind that we are guests on this property and all other properties that we consider F3 AO’s. If we disrupt traffic flow on this property we could be viewed as impeding the operation of the church, its members, and employees. We could also be viewed as a liability. We must do all that we can to make sure that is not the case. This is a great AO and we have been given the privilege of using it two days per week. I certainly would like this to continue to be the case. In no way am I placing blame on any individual or the group today. We will encounter cars doing what we do. Just a few things to think about. Aye

9 years ago

This looks like it was terribly great, and the BB was hilarious. Frustrated I had to miss, trying to shake this crud that is going through the family. I appreciate the shout out in the BB. The Hulkamaniancs meet Wednesday of next week. See some of you there 🙂

9 years ago

Good work on the audibles. Mileage – I had 1.8 miles prior to the last sprint and mosey to COT, so 2-ish sounds about right.

Ickey Shuffle
9 years ago

Hyundai Guy should have had to partner carry Big Top around the parking lot a few times. That would have mellowed him out.

Big Top
Big Top
Reply to  Ickey Shuffle
9 years ago

TClaps to my man Ickey. I could hear the exhale when I proclaimed the LBs I’m sporting to Cake Boss. You handled it. #likeahoss

I’m pretty sure I didn’t do us any favors when Hyundai homey stopped for our safety lecture….didn’t even speak to him #gassed, just stood there giving him this –

Big Top
Big Top
Reply to  Big Top
9 years ago

*the ok symbol. #postfail

Ickey Shuffle
Reply to  Big Top
9 years ago

I’d rather partner carry than do burpees any day of the week.

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