That Sucked

  • When:11/26/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Boutique, Voodoo, BOG, Gummy, Bushback, Lobster Roll, Iron Horse, Mermaid

That Sucked

9 crazy maniacs from Area 51 decided to ignore all common sense and get after it at Anvil this am in the cold, wet, windy Gloom

The VSF was planted, as the real shovel flag was safe and warm at Mermaid’s house.

No – FNGs so little to no disclaimer given.

Waiting around for 5:30 to hit, and the request was made to get stated so off we went.

pax divided into groups of 3

pax 1, (which would act as the timer) started at Station 1 – the covered picnic area (small break from the wind and rain)
The following was done: 20 Jump ups, 20 Dips, 20 Decline Merkins then run to Station 2 and relieve the pax there.

pax 2 – start at Station 2 – the playground for the following:
10 pull-ups, 20 donkey kicks on the swings, and 20 merkins – rinse and repeat until relieved by PAX 1

pax 3 – mosey entrance #4 bottom of the hill for the following:
10 burpees, run to top of hill, 20 jump squats – rinse and repeat until PAX 2 comes to relieve them, then head back to Station 1

The full cycle was completed by all pax twice. At this point YHC decided for an audible as the conditions seems to only get worst thru the workout.

Group headed over to the picnic for a break from the lovely weather.

2 rounds of the following:

1 min peoples chair followed by BTW (you are welcome Voodoo)

Finish it all off with 50 flutters in cadence.


Nasty nasty weather this morning – cold, rainy and windy. And it didn’t get any better as the workout went on. Solid work by all just showing up to post in such nasty ass weather.

Truly honored to get to lead such a solid group of guys who showed their mettle just showing up today.

Limited mumble chatter today – most trying to stay warm and keep hypothermia at bay.

Gummy did try to Q-jack during the flutters, but YHC would have nothing of it, but in trying to keep the pax going, caused more problems by raising YHC voice over the attempted Q-jack which added to the confusion. Will try to make it less confusing next time.

Thanks for the chance to lead and for showing up and keeping YHC from having to this alone.


Sign up for Joe Davis run

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving and safe travels and prayers for all pax traveling today and this weekend.

Champagne out.

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9 years ago

Thanks for the BTW, Champagne. I hadn’t done those in a while and if we hadn’t mixed them in, you might have done 100x flutters, which is about 80 more than I can do.

I was definitely questioning my sanity posting today (my M questions it daily), but I’m glad I did. That was an awful workout – I’m not sure what Baracus was thinking.

Young Love
9 years ago

Looks like a fun time – way to push it fellas. Thanks for taking the Q today, Champagne. Miss being out there with y’all (even on mornings like this).

9 years ago

Thanks for leading us Champagne. Mumblechatter from me was non-existent as my prior night’s happy hour was close to making an appearance. Lobster Roll was in full torential downpour gear..awesome.

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