The Turkey Crusher

  • When:11/25/14
  • QIC: Busch
  • The PAX: Header, Shoe Shoedio, Simba, Gummy, Tackling Dummy, Puddin' Pop, Semigloss, Spackler, Hairball (FNG to Skunk Works, Hightide, Hacker, Dropthrill, Stone Cold, Horsehead, Kim Posssible (FNG to Skunk Works), Fletch, Baracus, Stagecoach, Wabbit, Freedom, Harley, Hairband, Bulldog, Brown, Sanka

The Turkey Crusher

The Workout:

Mosey to Parking lot, Merkins mixed in along the way.

20 Swings
20 Merkins
30 Swings
30 Merkins
20 Two Handed Push Presses

Run a lap around the Church

5 Clean and Press each hand, Sprint hill, do 20 Merkins at the top, and back to bottom of hill.
5 Clean and Press and 5 Snatch each hand and 2 hill sprints and do 20 Merkins at the top and back to bell.
5 C and P, 5 Snatch, 5 High Pull each arm, 3 hills and 20 Merkins at top and back down
5 C and P, 5 Snatch, 5 High Pull each arm, 10 Upright row to 2 Handed Press, run 4 hills, 20 Merkins and down back

10 C and P, 1 hill, 30 Merkins and back
10 C and P, 10 Snatch, 1 hill, 30 Merkins and back
10 C and P, 10 Snatch, 10 High Pulls, 1 hill, 30 Merkins and back
10 C and P, 5 Snatch, 10 High Pulls, 20 Upright Row to 2 Handed Press 1 hill, 30 Merkins and back

Mosey back to Main Lot, Merkins and Diamonds along the way.

The High Notes:

Great time this morning as usual! I will say this was a bit more of a smoker than I thought it would be. I hope you lads felt that it met your Skunk expectations and prepared you to grub like crazy tomorrow night or Thursday…I am about to eat my arm already! It seemed that the first round was painful, but the second seemed to take it to another level with muscle fatigue. The hill sprints quickly became hill jogs (that is of course with a soft J) after a while with the progressions and started to feel like recovery since the bell work was brutal towards the end. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of you, and I pray that you love and lead your families well this Thanksgiving, and let them know how blessed you are to have them!

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7 years ago

That was a smoker. If anyone wants to get a new KB on the Christmas List, point the M to this website. They are having a pretty good sale. 25% off everything. 15% off of the already discounted discontinued models (not much left for selection there)

The factory is near Carowinds, so you can pick up locally to save shipping.

For me, I’m headed to Lowes to get a large drill bit. I need to drill some holes in mine.

Hair Band
7 years ago

Great Q, and the type of workout I love to hate where you get smoked because the kb is the focus of the kb beatdown and the running is just a side thing. 0.0

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

Drop Thrill
7 years ago

To continue the Outland themed comments here…

Smoker of a workout. Busch made lots of fans this morning.

And by fans, I mean people that wanted to hurt him.

Glad to be back at Skunkworks.

High Tide
7 years ago

Agreed. Smoker, Busch. Been feeling that one all day, and starving too. Bring on the turkey!

7 years ago

It was good to be back at Skunkworks. Great group this morning. At times the only thing keeping me going was Gummy’s expertise Mumble Chatter. When the workout was over and my armpits were sore I knew it was more than enough to make room for turkey. Thanks for the beatdown Busch.

7 years ago

Looks like a good one. Hated to miss it.

7 years ago

Just fire up Nickelback and do a thousand merkins while imagining people belching and breaking wind and it’s like you were right there.

Reply to  Horsehead
7 years ago

There was an uncomfortable amount of Nickleback.

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Gummy
7 years ago

Busch needs to learn what real Canadian rock is… Rush.

Reply to  Gummy
7 years ago

I know – been listening to ColdPlay all morning trying to get it out of my head.

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