Continued Survey in the land of the one hump Camel

  • When:11/19/2014
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Soft Pretzel, Bratwurst, Brown, Chanel, Gutter Ball, Probation, Stump Hugger, Hot Pants

Continued Survey in the land of the one hump Camel

9 men with more balls than brains showed up for Dromedary’s weekly work.

The Thang:

20 SSH in cadence
15 Merkins in cadence

Mosey to bottom of the lot
Partner up
P1 low slow squats
P2 runs to top of peak in the lot and back
Rinse and Repeat
P1 Monkey Humpers
P2 Run
Rinse and Repeat
P1 Lunges
P2 Run
Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to the lot in front of stadium

Merkin ladder 1-10 9-1

Into the woods to find a rock
Rock Weight Lifting
2 handed shoulder press x 50
2 handed bent over row x 50
Tricep Extensions x 50
Bicep Curls x 50
Louganis x 15
Russian Twist 10 each side
Protractor No Rock

Back to the bottom of the lot by the school
Partner up
Total Team Merkins x 100
P1 Run to top of hill 10 Squats
P2 Merkins

Plankorama, followed by 20 more Merkins

Mosey to top of lot

6 MOM w/ rotating calls for ab work and cadence

We continue to find new things to do on this massive AO. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Pax show up in relative numbers today. 9 for a new workout in 17 degrees is the start of something. Starting to build a nice base of regulars and it’s a very strong group. Hot Pants is crushing it out there, and I continue to be impressed with Stump Hugger’s endurance and work ethic! STRONG! I wanted to make sure this workout was lift intensive and I think we got there. Chest – Check, Shoulders – Check, Bis – Check, Tris – Check, Abs – Check, Back – Check, Legs Check. Running – Sparingly! Great work boys. Let’s keep this thing rolling and drag some boys out next week before they pig out with their families. It’s that time of year for FNG’s to find F3 and start fresh.

Sign up for Christmas party, give away shoes, and there is a Turkey Bowl Football game building. Watch Twitter.

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9 years ago

G-G-G-Good J-J-J-Job Ba-Ba-Ba-Bananas! S-S-S-So C-C-C-Cold I don’t wanna thaw out to feel the soreness! Stupidity Reigns!!!

9 years ago

Pretty sure that I shouldn’t have shown you the rock pile…but now that it’s there…and the path to get there isn’t TOO treacherous…

Oh, and don’t forget that next Wednesday we are in the need of a Q. Bratwurst is DR.

9 years ago

Good job keeping us moving Bananas, way to keep the frostbite at bay!

Time to break out the headlamps so we can explore those trails more!

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Bananas/Bratwurst – I would like to take the Q next week.

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