Breaking the routine over the Anvil

  • When:11/12/14
  • QIC: Hops
  • The PAX: Bugeater, Ickey Shuffle, Brushback, Dear Abby (WB), Purple Haze, Gummy, Hannibal, Beaver (LIFO), Lobster Roll, Mermaid, Boutique, Iron Horse (WD), Hacksaw, Hammer (Kotters), Rehab, Hops

Breaking the routine over the Anvil

The SF was firmly planted by Mermaid, and 15 humpday warriors set out for another hammering at Anvil. Beaver joined us a couple minutes into our warmup run..and that was fortuitous as we needed an even number for all the partner work YHC had in store for the pax.

The Thang:

Quick Run to Entrance 3 on Rea Road with some buttkickers and high knees in the mix.

Quick COT:

SSH x 25 IC

Rockhopper x 20 IC

Slow H-R Merkin x 15 IC

Partner Up and jog to the pitch for the following (or something very like it anyway):

Partner pull – 40 yds. Flapjack

Partner push – 40 yds. Flapjack

Derkins with feet on partner in high plank x 13. Flapjack.

Incline merkins w/hands on partner’s back while he planks x 13. Flapjack.

Wheelbarrow 40 yds. Flapjack.

Wheelbarrow Squat x 13.  Flapjack.  Rinse & Repeat.

Old-school Sit-up x 13 with partner in plank holding feet down.  3 sets each.

Over-Under x 13.  Flapjack.

Hand-Slap Partner Merkin x 26

Prairie Fire Mary x 13L, 13C, 13R.  Flapjack.

Hand-Slap Partner Merkin x 13

Mosey to the hill from the pitch to the parking lot.

Pax in downhill plank for the following:

CDD x 13

Freddie Mercury x 13

Knee-up x 10

Jog to pavilion

People’s Chair for 90 seconds w/overhead press x 13

BTW x 3

Jog to launch lot with some time remaining on the clock


Christian Laettner w/right leg high, then left leg high – really engaging the core

Southern gentleman

Yankee aggressor

6 inches – 3x with 10 counts

Burpee x 35 for Boutique & Mermaid while rest of pax did LBC x 35


Ye Olde Moleskine:

TR will be disappointed to learn that only the Q was sleeveless on this 44 degree morning.  Nevertheless, the pax put in a good showing and pushed themselves…except Gummy, YHC’s partner.  Just kidding brother – strong work – was good partnering with you despite your constant sarcasm and mumblechatter.

Good to have Dear Abby in the Southlands with us; and Beaver showed up for a midweek downPainment – glad to have you guys with us at Anvil.   Also great to see Hammer back after a 3 month hiatus.

7 pairs of shoes collected – which meant 35 burpees for Boutique, the ShoeQ of Anvil.   YHC had some trouble with the math on that.  #liberalartsdegree

T-claps to Site Q Mermaid for bringing 6 of the 7 pairs.  He, too, did the burpees.  Most of the pax did 35 LBCs and a couple did burpee/LBC combo.

Gummy & YHC pert near had a collision with Hacksaw & Rehab during one of the pulls/pushes on the pitch — that would not have ended well for us.

Some unorthodox stuff on the menu this morning so hope YHC didn’t disappoint.  Again, strong work out there men.


Christmas Party – Sat., 12/6/14 at Sugar Creek Brewery – email went out.  Signup no later than Thursday, 11/20:

Joe Davis Memorial Resolution Run – Sat. 1/10/15 at Baxter YMCA in Fort Mill.  Signup now:

#SoleRedemption continues – bring your shoes….and your neighbors’ and co-workers.  The push for 1000 pairs goes on.





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8 years ago

Lots of touching going on at the Anvil this AM.

8 years ago

Sarcasm is my love language.

We need to add to the disclaimer to cover a few of the exercises we did this morning. “During some exercises, another man may put his hand in areas that make you uncomfortable [partner incline merkins]. In others, you may find yourself directly underneath a man straddling your head, with nothing to protect you from dripping perspiration from unmentionable places [prarie fire mary].”

Good workout this morning. Your focus on shoulders lately has been good for me.

8 years ago

Enjoyed the smoker Hops. Men touching in the dark just isn’t right. Lucky no FNGs #scarredforlife

Reply to  Hops
8 years ago

Sadly….i was that partner….at least it was “my” and not “your”

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