Pavers and Poo

  • When:11/07/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Turkey Leg (site FNG), Abacus, Chelms, Blades of Glory, Scabby, Mr. Bean, Rip Curl (WD), Jamboree (PR), Bout Time, Icky Shuffle, Boutique, Dumpster Fire (site FNG), Teddy, Dory, Hops, Mermaid

Pavers and Poo

16 PAX posted for another Centurion workout at Charlotte Catholic High School.  No pre-KB today, but Jamboree did a pre-run.  Disclaimer was given.  QIC filling in for Hannibal who is under the weather.  Chelms took the opportunity for birthday payback for the QIC.  Quite literally, he re-gifted one of the custom F3 pavers given to him by QIC in celebration of his 49th birthday.  QIC expressed thanks then asked him to carry it.  Off we went.


Mosey up Walsh and around the block to upper entrance down to parking lot.


SSH x 20 IC

MC x 20 IC

Merkin x 20 IC

Burpee x 10 OYO

Mosey back to launch lot


Divide PAX into 2 groups.  Group 1 lines up for 60 yard sprint.  Group 2 follows when 1 is at halfway point.  Short rest.  Repeat x 7.  Jump Squats x 20 OYO between 4 and 5 reps.

Plank-o-rama: RAH/LLH/Swap/RAF/LLH/Swap/6 inches/10-count x 2/Merkin x 10 IC

Mosey through campus across 51 to Jack In The Box parking lot


Heels to Heaven x 20 IC/6 inches/Flutter x 20 IC/6 inches/Dolly x 20 IC/Protractor

Mosey to Palatine Hill.  SSH x 10 IC to wait for six.

Triple Nickel

Run to top of hill.  5 HRM.  Run to bottom.  5 Jump Squat. 5 repetitions.

10 Burpees OYO

Mosey back up Palatine and run the ridge back down to the road.  Continue mosey to Jack in The Box parking lot.

Merkin Set

Merkins to 10 in civilian cadence: regular/wide/stagger left/stagger right/diamond/plank/6 inches/10 count

Mosey back to campus to the rock pile.  Grab a big rock.

Rock Set

Sets of 20 civilian cadence: Curls/Tri Extensions/Overhead Press.  Drop rock.

Mosey back to launch lot.


Same as above.  60 yards.  2 groups.  Short rest.  6 reps.


Bicycle x 15 IC/6 inches/Flutter x 15 IC/6 inches/Heels to Heaven x 15


Co-site Q Chelms has been chattering about getting even with YHC for his birthday gifts since they were given.  Today was his day.   Told YHC he was no fun when he was asked to carry both.  Pavers were passed around the PAX with all asking for a turn to carry.  YHC always enjoys the group effort and willingness of F3 men to share the pain.  Good call Chelms.

Goal today was to quickly get the heart rate up and keep it there with enough Mary and Merkin breaks to avoid TBQ.  Sprints did the job.  Palatine did not disappoint.  Well maybe it did.  Jamboree noted that Palatine is like a magnet.  Agreed.  Hard to avoid.  However, today Palatine gave YHC an unwanted gift, much like the paver given by Chelms, but worse.  During the call for Triple Nickel YHC paused when struck with a smell that continues to resonate in the nasal cavity as this is written.  “I smell poop,” YHC exclaimed then picked up left shoe to examine the bottom.  Feces covered 80% of the sole.  The smell by now had begun to move through the PAX.  YHC was given a very wide berth on Palatine Hill to complete the Triple Nickel.  This, by far, was the largest, most foul-smelling land mine that YHC has ever stepped a foot on.  Palatine Hill did a poor job of pulling said poop from the sole of said shoe.  Even worse was the ride home in the Jeep.  Almost tweeted Big Black and Country for a ride home to allow the shoes to ride in the truck bed.  Would   have felt bad subjecting even a truck bed to that foul odor.

Strong work by this group of men today.  All PAX were moving on the sprints and made quick work of Palatine Hill.  Welcome to site FNG’s Turkey Leg and Dumpster Fire.  Please come back out and do more work with the men of Centurion.  A pleasure to lead this group today as always.  Hops  took the group out in BOM.  Thank you brother.


Joe Davis Run 01/10/2014.  Sign up and support this cause.  See website for preblast and details.

Tutoring at AG Middle School.  Thursdays at 5:00.  Chelms on Q.  Contact:  They need a few more good men to help out.

F3 Christmas Party at Sugar Creek Brewing Company 12/06/2014.  Look for information on the website and Twitter.  There will be a paypal link soon.  Prohibition on Q.

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8 years ago

T-Claps to Chelms and Jamboree for donating 5 and 6 pairs of shoes respectively this morning. Per the challenge set By Chelms, Jomboree’s 6 pairs earned a $10 donation from Chelms. Keep hitting friends and neighbors up for shoe donations, and update your current pair so you can donate a pair.

Q schedule is getting a little light men, time to log on and sign up for a spot. see link for the schedule.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

The PAX should all send you a birthday gift. I would have brought a truck load of pavers (2 for each man) if you hadn’t stepped up to take the Q.

Reply to  Mermaid
8 years ago

I just registered for the Joe Davis. I think Chelms and Mermaid should carry the pavers for the 5K.

8 years ago

The odor from that land mine this morning was just rank. Every time down Palantine Hill during Triple Nickel caught a whiff of it. Guess the one good thing is it might have led you to call off a second round. Nice work this morning.

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