The Blended Pax that Never Disappoints

  • When:11/03/14
  • QIC: Swiper, Hops
  • The PAX: Frack, One Eye, Skywalker, Bugeater (LI), Swiper (WB), Want Ad, Love Bug (FO), Cadillac, Rashard, Kirk, Orlando, Steinbrenner, Tootie, Catfish, Drexler (WD/Respect), Film Festival (Respect), Dick Clark, Baracus, Chelms aka Tater Tot, Flutie Flakes, Hamlet, Chappy, 'Bout Time, Blades of Glory (Respect), Snowflake (Respect), Hops

The Blended Pax that Never Disappoints

Skywalker planted the DMZ SF as he so faithfully does almost every week, and 24 pax followed Swiper, after his 20 second & 10 second warnings, through the woods to CAC for another Monday Morning addition of the Demilitarized Zone.


The pax headed over to #GroundZero behind the church

Warm Up:
SSH X 30
Merkins X 10
Diamond Merkins X 10
Wide Arm Merkins X 10
Imperial Walker X 15
Partner work:
A does 3 burpees while B runs backwards up the parking lot
A catches B and flapjacks. Rinse and repeat to the top
People’s Chair to wait on the PAX

Mosey back to #GroundZero

Lunge walk a bit
Bear Crawl (first and last ever in a Swiper-led workout)
Partner work again (see above)
People’s Chair to wait on the PAX, right leg out, left leg out
Handoff to Hops
Jog back to #GroundZero for more bearcrawls, but this time – the pax enjoyed some Backward bearcrawls.
Jog to CAC courtyard for some Mary
Knee-up x 13
LBC x 20
Russian Twist x 13
Run back down to #GroundZero
Side plank walk to the left, flapjack 1/2 way
Jog around church to the wall
People’s Chair w/18 Overhead Presses
Jog to Carmel Road Park
Backwards run – 100 yds, give or take
High Knees – 50 yds
Buttkickers – 50 yds
Mahkthar Ndijaye x 18
CCV x 13R, Flapjack, CCV x 13L
Run back to launch lot….still a few minutes for some more Mary
Slow Flutter x 13
One-legged Dolly x 10R, then 10L
Ye Olde Moleskine:
Great effort by the pax.  We started with 25, but Bugeater was late arriving to the launch lot and thought we were down at Carmel Middle, so he showed up at some point during Swiper’s Q…Last In by a long shot brother but glad you made it.
Love Bug was his patented First Out self out, but was getting after it as is his custom along with One Eye and others.
Only damage/fallout from this morning was a barrage of crop-dusting going on during all segments of the beatdown.  The one during the last session of Mary was particulary unsavory.  Have mercy!
Random #’s to some of the exercises were not random, rather, the 18 counts were in tribute to celebrating my 18th anniversary with my bride yesterday.  And the 13 counts – standard # for a Hops-Q’d workout.  Several reasons for that # – ask me and I’ll elaborate.
Always enjoy the pax at DMZ.  T-claps to all you guys for posting.  Keep EH’ing your friends, neighbors and co-workers.
1-year Anniversary of The Charge this Wednesday.  Double D on Q, of course.
Also, bring an FNG to The Charge, and Baracus will donate a pair of shoes to #SoleRedemption.
#SoleRedemption – going until Nov. 22nd.  Flutie Flakes is Shoe Q for DMZ.  Bring the shoes men.
2nd annual USMC tribute workout this Saturday at Mustang (Myers Park HS) @ 0700.  Post.
Probably forgetting something – but a check of Twitter, and actual conversations with the pax should bring some more items to your attention.



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Chelms aka Tatertot
8 years ago

I can understand a virgin Q wanting to split a 45 minute work-out but Swiper and Hops? Were you guys feeling alright this am? Too cold for one Q?

8 years ago

I Took a sad clown stroll doing a Carmel MS there and back. Hey got some warm up and was glad to reunite with the pack. Smelled like a pack too. Swiper, great to see you outside of our smelly BRR van but you quickly reminded why being outside of a van was a good thing. Great Q’s boys!

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