Home on the range

  • When:10/29/2014
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Bananas, Bratwurst, Tiger Rag, Good Hands, Geraldo, Iron Horse, Brown, Chanel, Countertop, Ice-9, Hops, Soul Glow, Beast, Outback, Cornhole, Wingman, Gears, Haggis, Soft Pretzel, Probation, Steak-umm(FNG), Hot Pocket(FNG), Soul Glow, Glass Joe, Cash, Turnpike, Hairband, Cottonmouth

Home on the range

28 strong for the launch of what is sure to be a strong site for the F3UnionCo #movement.

The Thang:

1 lap around the LARGE parking lot. .33 miles

2nd lap with exercises on the corners:
Corner 1: 25 Merkins
Corner 2: 25 Squats
Corner 3: 25 Carolina Dry Docks
Corner 4: 25 Squats

3rd lap:
Corner 1: 25 hand release merkins
Corner 2: 25 Dolly’s
Corner 3: 25 Manmaker Merkins
Corner 4: 25 LBC’s

Plankorama led by those Pax that are faster than YHC. (Ice-9, Hops, Tiger Rag)

Mosey accross the campus to the picnic tables
Pain Stations: 3 Rounds of
20 decline merkins
30 dips
40 squats

Mosey around the back of the building to the brick retaining wall
Partner up
P1 up and over the wall run to the top of the hill and back around while P2 Planks

Round 2: P1 over and run, P2 Low Slow Squats, Flapjack

Round 3: P1 over and run, P2 Freddie Mercury, Flapjack

Round 4: P1 over and run, P2 Maktar Ndjaye, Flapjack

Jog to the top of the lot, Indian Run back to the COT/Lot

Directionally challenged Q led to some confusion on the corner which led to a lot of mumblechatter, which led to Merkins to quiet and calm the Pax back down.

Return to 2 line formation and indian run back to the lot.

COT: 20 LBC’s in Cadence


Very animated and energetic group led me to get the group moving quickly. Less talking, more breathing. Appreciate the A51 support! It’s still a strange land for me and I look forward to working with my beat up comrade Bratwurst in getting this bad boy rolling. Sorry it wasn’t a bit more FNG friendly but I couldn’t forego the chance to show off the AO. I also like for the Pax to know they’ve worked out.

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9 years ago

That has got to be the largest AO in all of F3. Crazy. 3rd lap was especially painful. Shout out to Outback and Geraldo for getting after it. Welcome to Steak-umm and Hot Pocket- good work gents. Keep coming out. And the pax must watch the following video on Hot Pockets: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=N-i9GXbptog

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Come on man…no love

9 years ago

‘Bout time Union Co was shown some #Re-spect. T-claps for a good first hard launch. Can’t wait to check out the new AO.

9 years ago

Loving the new AO, especially since it’s right down the street! Good job Bananas on the launch, I personally enjoyed the challenge. Going to take a while to master the internal compass when running all over this place!

Iron Horse
9 years ago

Nice work Bananas – I think we covered a good distance – approx .00002 of the AO space. You’ve got a year of discovery to do to cover all the turf. Nice to get the jeers and heckles from the early morning tomatoes. I guess they’re going to have to find a new playground now that the flag is planted. Hoping for a Royals win tonight so Hops doesn’t Q hydra as a bitter man

9 years ago

Excellent Q, Bananas. The site Qs for this AO are going to be hard to beat: Bratwurst is perhaps the best technician in all of F3Nation. And Bananas is a hard-charging, snot-woggling, enthusiastic, tongue-on-the-ground kind of Q. Who could ask for more?

Reply to  Ice9
9 years ago

Only time I’ve seen this tongue-on-the-ground look is when he sees a Budweiser

Hair Band
9 years ago

While I’m not a fan of running, there is no denying that was a great beatdown. When you said we are running to the building I was not expecting to run past the first building! Then the Indian (Native American) run at the end about did me in.

Brutal, but great AO! The 3 AOs of F3Unionco are all expansive with a lot of options. EH other UC guys you know and let’s build this out!

Aside from Dromedary on Wednesdays:
Friday: 5:30am “Overdrive” Sun Valley M.S.
Saturday: 7am “Outland” Sun Valley M.S.
Saturday: NEW 11/15 6:30am “Commitment” Weddington H.S.

9 years ago

True that, Hair Band! These UC AO’s are vast like the Wild West! Thanks for cluing me in the night before launch. Great Q Bananas! You motivated me while listening to you grunt-it-out during the 25 man makers on turn 3. And trying to keep up with ICE9 was an eye opener. Strong work!
Who decided on “Dromedary”? I had to look that one up.

Reply to  Cottonmouth
9 years ago

Dromedary was at least one of the 50 names that TigerRag suggested. Ultimately, it came down to Hump Day, riding something (like the Mavericks mascot where we meet), and like you noticed – it’s quirky enough that you don’t make the connection right away. If we all were as creative as TR…

9 years ago

F3/MeatFruit was an obvious choice and a sure winner. Also suggested:
–Queer Duck (maverick=eccentric=queer duck)
–Heifer (a lone, maverick cow)
–Dry Gulch
–Tumbleweed (they almost bit on this one)
–Ghost Town
–Cowhorn (also the creek nearby)

Ice 9 and Snowflake weren’t having anything to do with F3/FreezerBurn either. You can lead a heifer to water, but you can’t make it drink…

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