F3 Parking Lot Drying Service

  • When:10/15/2014
  • QIC: Boutique
  • The PAX: Mr. Brady, Lobster Roll, Big Tuna, Spandex, Young Love, Rehab, Drop Thrill(Anvil FNG), Icky shuffle, Purple haze, Big Top, Margo, Nature boy, Frazier, Prohibition, Mermaid, Bushwood, Tiger Rag, Steinbrener, Brushback, Simba, Hopper, Suarez(FNG Rich R.), Boutique(QIC)

F3 Parking Lot Drying Service

YHC wasn’t sure what to expect with the rainy weather this morning. Thankfully, 22 brave Area 51 PAX joined me for some midweek Anvil down-painment!

Here’s what we did:

After a quick disclaimer we took a jog through parking lot (aka swimming pool) to patio near the Astroturf.


SSH x 25

Mtn climbers x 25 Hold it

10 hand release merkins

Imperial Walkers x 25

Merkins x 15


Mosey to front lot for the beast:

6 stops, 6 reps, 6 times

Plank when done between sets

LBC’s, Flutter kicks, Merkins, Dollies, Mekins, Burpees


Mosey to covered entrance near the Astroturf for some Peoples Chair (& a break from the rain):

Left leg up – 10 count

Right leg up – 10 count

Toes – 10 count

Overhead press x 15 in cadence


Indian Run to pavilion for bench work:

Dips x 20

Decline merkins x 20

Incline merkins x 20



Mosey to hill entrance from Rea Rd and partner up:

Round 1

Partner 1 – merkins

Partner 2 – run down hill, bear crawl back up, flapjack

Round 2

Partner 1 – LBC’s

Partner 2 – run down hill, backwards run up, flapjack

Round 3

Partner 1 – elbow plank

Partner 2 – run down hill, lunge walk back up, flapjack

All run down hill, jail break back to the cars for COT



Despite the rain, turnout was excellent and every brother pushed it hard today in an attempt to soak up as much water as we could from the Calvary campus. My weinke called for more hand release merkins in COP but I decided to change it up a bit due to the groans after the first 10…don’t worry, we still got plenty wet out there and the rain even let up for COT.

The Beast never fails to deliver – especially on a brisk rainy morning.

Thanks to all for braving the soggy weather and doing some exercises with YHC this morning. It’s always a pleasure to lead the Anvil PAX.

Welcome FNG Suarez (Rich R.).

Thanks to Mr. Brady for taking us out!


F3 Area 51 Holiday Party – December 6th – be on the lookout for more info. I hear it might be at a brewery…


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9 years ago

Nice Q Boutique! Your lead drew a big crowd provided how cruddy the weather was. Even though we did a decent amount of running, the workout felt more like a KB format since my clothes were 15 lbs heavier via saturation. Great work bro!

9 years ago

This workout was great from beginning to end, hard yet thoroughly entertaining. From getting started 4 mins early to the antics of TR and Big Top (He’s Back!), to learning a little too much about Young Love. The chatter was a great distraction from both rain and pain. Thanks Boutique.

9 years ago

By the way, Big Tuna and Nature Boy were looking strong out there. Great work guys. Keep posting.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

6 months into F3 and I confused the F3 weather gods by posting on a Wednesday and this is what happens. Glad you didn’t throw me overboard like Jonah.

Great beatdwon Boutique. Good to see some familiar faces in the gloom.


9 years ago

There are two types of #RainQs: those that call hand-release merkins and LBCs for warm up and those who do people’s chair sheltered from the elements, reading This Day in History in the newspaper. You managed to be both, which reminds me of a poem. Roses are red, violets are blue, I am schizophrenic and so am I.

Good to have Big Top back, right up until the decline merkins. The letter to the Session went out in yesterday’s mail.

9 years ago

TR, did you know Young Love is the newest member if our session? Might want to amend that letter and resend.

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