• When:10/6/14
  • QIC: Steinbrenner / FOD
  • The PAX: Skywalker, Run Stopper, Hamlet, Bushwood, David Hawkins FNG (Sadie), Backdraft, Orlando, Brushback, Hops, Symba, Hannibal, Catfish, Film Festival, One Eye, Big Willie, Sir Pur, Dick Clark, Rashard, Chappy, Steinbrenner, Field of Dreams.


21 Posted DMZ for moving day.

Steinbrenner Thang:  Moving Day…

  • Warm up in the Parking Lot with 20 SSHs and 15 Merkins
  • Mosey down Camilla and Thornridge to hill at Broad Hollow Drive
  • Back-and-forth’s up and down the hill; 10 Burpees at one end, Jump Squats at the other.  Repeat 5X.  Plank and catch-up.
  • Mosey up to Sharon View and down to Rashard’s rental house on Flintwood Lane
  • 25 LBCs and 20 Dollys in the driveway
  • Everyone select a box/rake/scooter/bike from Rashard’s Uhaul and/or Carport.  Mosey back .6 miles to his new house on Thornridge. 
  • Moesy back to Carmel Park.
  • (FoD takeover)….
  • Partner Planked Derkins: 10, 15, 20 each partner
  • 25 Partner-assisted leg raises  (Fire Mary per Hops)
  • Partner Planked Derkins: 5, 10, 15 each partner
  • 20 Partner-assisted leg raises (ditto question n the term)
  • Karaoke’s up and down the football field
  • Run backwards one length of the field; alternate bearcrawl and lunge the return trip
  • Mosey to parking lot and COP.



  • The PAX started off with some strong laughter after Steinbrenner’s counting problems  (doesn’t everyone know how to do SSHs?  Why was the lack of counting so humorous?) 
  • Apparently changing your counting tone to keep everyone guessing was frowned upon.  Simba and Hannibal said there were several false stops on Merkins, though I believe that was just laziness creeping in.  In response, Steinbrenner ran completely away from the mockers as we stated the mosey down Carmel.
  • The return to Dark Bushwood Hill was a crowd favorite.  By that of course we mean the laughing stopped.  Thanks to Skywalker for bringing the sole needed headlamp.
  • Moving Day continued with something different to start the DMZ week:  Rashard was in the middle of a house move that started this past weekend and is still in process.  For part of the run, there were a lot of liquor boxes with books and clothes for the PAX to carry from rental house to new house.  Rakes and shovels as well.  FOD cheated by claiming some 2.0’s bike, and Runstopper liked the Mode of Transportation approach and took a razor scooter.
  • I can only imagine the reaction of the few drivers we passed on Sharon View as they looked at the motley crew carrying various implements and boxes along the road back to Rashard’s new house on Thornridge.


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9 years ago

Nice workout boys. After COT, I heard from a pax not to be named, that FNG Sadie tried to name himself “Hawk” during the workout. Glad that didnt get called out during COT or things could have gotten ugly.
Sadie, hope you dont let the name bother you, brother. We look forward to seeing you in the Gloom.

BTW, apologies to @RunStopper for continual “foot punches” in the eye during that exercise which @Field of Dreams still doesn’t remember what to call it……Was it Fire Mary, or Mary Fire, or Prayer Fire Mary?….

Run Stopper
Run Stopper
Reply to  Skywalker
9 years ago

Aye, Skywalker.

Dude I’ve been having my teeth kicked in by F3 since day one, so your size 18 foot punches to the chops were just as normal as seeing 19 guys running with boxes, garden tools and 2 riding down the street (Field of Dreams riding a flat BMX and yours truly costing on a Razor Scooter) with loot from Rishard’s rental.


9 years ago

“Prairie Fire Mary”. Leg raises is not it…and leg throws….let’s just not say that.

Welcome Sadie. And Kotters to Sir Purr.

Steinbrenner – SSH does not stand for Silent Straddle Hops. Cadence counts are a good thing. Good Q overall – you were definitely pushing it on the run to Rashard’s rental. Thankful for smacking my head on the magnolia tree as we got to the rental. #disclaimer

9 years ago

There were so many things I loved about this workout. The Silent Stradle Hops and the merkin fake outs were the best, but man that Q drenaline kicked in and you were flying! SB good stuff today, way to step up brother.

Rashard the pax are looking forward to Pizza and Beer.

9 years ago

In my 5 months of F3, by far and away the best mumblechatter/laughter came during the silent straddle hops followed by the red light/green light merkins. Simba and i were still rolling this morning at Skunkworks.

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