The October 2nd F Challenge is here…yes it scaaaary!

  • When:10/2014
  • QIC: Strange Brew
  • The PAX: Those that choose the hard pill, YHC can't remember if that is the blue or the red pill but you get the idea...

The October 2nd F Challenge is here…yes it scaaaary!

So we’ve seen the seemingly ubiquitous 1st F challenges, some (if not all) seem impossible, some end up being impossible and some pax finish and wonder how they did it and are proud that they did (rightfully so). We’ve seen the 10,000 merkins, the 10,000 kettlebell swings, we’ve seen at least one of these twice.

So here’s the twist…looking for pax to commit to the first 2nd F challenge. Oh yes, why not? If building relationships that we can call our own (as men) is important and critical then how are we going to get there? You know that guy you’ve been looking at from across the COT, maybe even exchanged a shy fist pump or quick smile? Yeah, that’s the guy, ask him out…wait maybe don’t quite do it that way.

The challenge is relatively simple. Meet with 4 guys that you have met only through F3 (i.e. if you knew them beforehand it does not count), get together with them throughout the month of October. You can arrange to meet someone at HDHH, lunch, breakfast after a workout, coffeeteria, drinks after work, etc. it really doesn’t matter. The point is to connect with other pax outside of the workout environment. Don’t wait to reach out, DM someone on twitter, catch up at the end of a workout or seemingly in YHC’s case just walk through uptown for 5 minutes or email from one of the many email lists that you’ve seen. The key is this, get to know some more guys, build your network of friends, strengthen that bond that started in the gloom.

All YHC can say is this, F3 has undoubtedly changed my life physically, it has also changed my life from the guys that I’ve met. I have met many guys (way too many to mention) that have inspired me in different ways, some with their physical prowess, some by the fact that I look up to them from a personal point of view, some because of their faith and focus on their family. Apart from F3 I would likely have never gotten to know them. Guys bond in the gloom and then we hang out, that’s what this is all about, but just like the gloom, unless you show up, engage in the workout or conversation in this case you won’t get the satisfaction at the end.

It has been suggested that we create a heat map of sorts that identifies where folks live/work (general area) to facilitate people getting together, this is a great idea. YHC’s technical aptitude however prevents him from silencing a call on his iPhone, let alone such a grand idea such as this. As always with F3, if you can think of a way to facilitate this I’m all ears (yes my BRR van would undoubtedly challenge this last claim).

Sound of below, connect via the comments, offer suggestions for making this work or work better, but most importantly, get out there and catch up with someone.

I want you to impact someone’s life, will you do that with me?

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9 years ago


And I raise you one: Introduce yourself to every unfamiliar face at a workout. Even, if like me, you’ve met them a few times before.

Stone Cold
9 years ago

In! Great challenge here Brew. One that should pay off more than a #10kswings challenge. Bring it, boys. Step up to this challenge, impact others and reap the rewards.

9 years ago


9 years ago


High Tide
9 years ago


Thanks for the challenge, SB.

9 years ago

Nice job launching this challenge Brew. This is a great way to expand 2nd F. Let’s network and work on some fellowship.

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