Lots o’ Swings, so Share your Bell

  • When:09/23/14
  • QIC: Stone cold
  • The PAX: Hops, Carrier, PseuPsuedio, Strange Brew, Ichabod, Drop Thrill, Tackling Dummy, Harley, Swiss Miss, 49er, Wabbit, Ribeye, Sanka, Sundancer, Young love, Semigloss, Cottonmouth, Bulldog, Busch, Bananas, Fletch, Snowbird, Voodoo, Nightcourt, Baracus, Stone cold (QIC)

Lots o’ Swings, so Share your Bell

A big crowd gathered in the cool of the first day of Fall, ready to get after it and swing the iron.

The Thang:


Good mornings x 15 (Waiting for Bananas….)

SSH x 25

Two hand swing (THS) x 10

IW x 20

THS x 15

KB squat hold x 30 sec

THS x 20

Mosey to Church entrance (partner up with same size bell)

Catch me if you can:

PT #1 Farmer’s carry wiht shrugs

PT #2 10 hand release merkins chase

10 THS together when caught then flap jack

Around the church back to field by parking lot (Circle Up)

THS x 10

Move clockwise 5:  if you get a smaller bell then One hand swings x 10 ea hand; if you get equal or larger bell then 20 THS

Move 5 more clockwise:  Rinse and repeat

AYG- one lap and back to your bell.

THS x 10

Move counterclockwise 5:  if you get smaller bell then clean and press x 10 ea arm; if you get equal or larger bell than 10 clean ea arm.

Move 5 more counterclockwise:  rinse and  repeat

AYG-one lap and back to your bell

THS x 50

Mary with bell

KB dolly press x 15

LBC x 30

KB flutter press x 15

AYG- Lap and back to bell

THS x 30

Naked Moleskin:

Not sure how many swings we got in today fellas, I’d say close to the 300+ mark depending on too many things.  #10Kswings (but according to TR, swings during a regular workout don’t count, sorry)

A Big Area 51 welcome to Carrier, Ribeye, and Sundancer.  It was great to have you guys join us this morning.  Come on back down south anytime,  ya hear!

Bananas:  why were you late?  that’s not like  you.

YHC had a full weinke with lots of sharing of the bells so the PAX could get a good sense of how some of the heavier (and lighter) bells feel.  Those bigguns make you fire the hips (proper form).

Other moleskin:  sound off in comments as YHC was smoked and can’t seem to remember much.  Although I do recall quite a bit of mumblechatter from Dog, Busch and Bananas, perhaps more running is needed, next time.


Union County is expanding.  EH those friends, coworkers, etc that live out that way.  Countertop and Hairband are leading this effort

F3 Mentoring program at Matthew Elementary.  See Champagne for details.



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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

#smoked for sure.

My hands and arms didn’t work right for hours.

Thanks for the great beatdown SC.

9 years ago

Mercy….first change of KB was to a 60 lb bell – swift kick to the %^#*! Good beatdown SC. Was great to be back at Skunkworks. And I must note that Sussudio was flying on the AYG runs – #muchrespect

9 years ago

Glorious. This one passes the “Can’t lift my arms to put shampoo in my hair” test.
Thanks for the welcome, gents. Sundancer will be back.

9 years ago

Great workout Stone Cold! The swings on the farmers carry were a complete game changer for grip strength. That wasn’t us talking, it was Ribeye.

9 years ago

Awesome Morning. First thought I was lost when I saw the accomplished runner StrangeBrew in the parking lot thought I was at Swift. Thankful Semi-Gloss kept his shirt on during the workout. I was impressed on how the Pax kept up shoulder shrugs throughout on the partner farmer carry(shrugs left our group after 20 yards that is being generous). Has there been a KB thief in these parts? During the bell sharing, could not help but notice some very decorative bells. Sweet Wolfpack Red KB Stone Cold(Quality NCSU product), do you carry it with you to games at Carter-Finley?

Give TClaps Byron and TigerRag for their KettleBell Clinics back in May/June. Prior to those clinics, I had no appreciation of the KB or proper form when swinging the KB. Great work fellas, this is one PAX who has benefitted from those clinics.

9 years ago

Well worth the trip south this morning. Great PAX and I salute the Q, although it’s only a virtual salute, since neither of my arms will go above my shoulders. I completely missed the shoulder shrug instructions on the Catch Me If You Can, which probably is how I was still able to drive home afterwards. I appreciate Bulldog loaning me a bell, but I will know better to bring my smaller “respect-certified” bell next time I post at Skunkworks.

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