Ring Run?

  • When:09/18/14
  • QIC: Kirk
  • The PAX: Cottonmouth, La-Z-Boy, Cheese Curd, Flutie Flakes, Plug - FNG Steve Lindsley, Starfish, Waterseal, Donkey Kong, 49er, Hopper, Gummy, Lex Luthor, Champagne, Bushwood, Puddin' Pop, Skywalker, Butter, Kirk (Q)

Ring Run?

18 men ventured into the gloom under near perfect conditions for the unpredictable weekly downpainment known as Hydra – the only workout to bring you 3.5 miles http://f3nation.com/2014/08/07/mulligan-on-the-5th/ and 200 burpees http://f3nation.com/2014/08/28/oh-burpee-where-art-thou/ in the same month.  #boxofchocolates

Anyway, we started with a slow, slow mosey around the OP track that provided time for the disclaimer (backwards – always thought that would be a decent way to combine disclaimer with warm up).  Properly warmed up and disclaimed, we were off.

The Thang:

Brisk mosey out of OP toward HT.  Realized halfway that we were a little spread out.  Plank it up in a line.  Last man bunny hops over the pax.  After all are through, resume fast mosey to HT.

Plank walk right halfway around the fountain, then mosey to office building parking lot.

Triple Nickel across parking lot:  5 burpees at one end and 5 Turkish get ups at other x5

Mosey back to the fountain and plank walk left halfway.  Mosey back toward OP.

Plank it up in a line.  Last man bunny hops over the pax.  Resume mosey to OP.

Minutes ‘O Mary – LBCs, Flutters, Freddy Mercury

Up and over the random shipping container (#disclaimer) at the end of the parking lot.

Backwards run around the island while everyone finishes.

Mosey to playground.  Up and over fence, touch the infield (they just drug the infield – too pristine to run across it).  Back to playground.  Across the monkey bars.  Plank for six.

Mosey through the ball fields (lights on?), past the concession stand, and across the football field to find the nature trail.  Mosey through the woods, where we were fortunate to have several headlamps present.

Exit onto Foxworth.  Up the hill – 20 CDDs.  Down the hill – 20 LBCs.  Up the hill – 20 squats.  Down the hill – 20 LBCs.  Wait until Curd gets into his plank, then mosey.

Mosey back on the trail through the woods, across the football field to the concession stand.  20 jump ups and 20 dips.  Mosey back to parking lot.


Ye Olde Unbehelod Moleskine

Great weather this morning.  The pax had to pay the price for my pride of thinking I could go to WIB and Bandit prior to Qing.  Unbeknownst to me, WIB was Escalator:  http://f3nation.com/2014/09/16/the-running-escalator-remix-version/.

My mud run teammate, Agony, had the Q at Bandit, and for some completely unknown reason, he decided we needed more pull ups and merkins.  http://f3nation.com/2014/09/17/the-lunchline/

So my arms were pretty much shot today, and I somehow tweaked a hammy playing soccer in the house with my 5-year old.  Hopper asked for burpee light, which he defined as 25 or less after Runstopper’s burpee fest this week.  These are not things you need to know, but this is the backstory of why today turned into Ring Run – light.

I’d intended us to keep that opening pace, which is near my typical “mile” pace at WIB, all the way to HT.  Nothing better to get the heart rate up quickly.  Bunny hop line didn’t work so well the first time, or honestly, any better the second time.  Hopefully all calves are OK.

Just as made for TV movies are based on a true story, Hopper made me swear a blood oathe on the burpees – so we did 25 exactly.

I’ve had my eye on that random shipping container for a long time.  There is one at Sparta AO that we climb on occassion, so with mud run approaching, I wanted to make use of it.  Lots of “up and over” obstacles at mud run.  I thought this would be a “team” or partner approach, until Cheese Curd went up and over on his own and I realized it had conveniently placed indentions.  No partner needed – #Thatwaseasy.

Hopefully everyone got a decent workout this morning, despite the Q’s limitations.  I know I left out quite a bit, so sound off in the comments.

Welcome to FNG Plug – Presbyterian minister and musician – so named for his unapologetic self-promotion / shameless “plug” that he’s playing at The Lodge this Friday (Saturday? Sometime?).

Great takeout from Skywalker in COT.

Thanks for the opportunity, Bugeater!  I’m always honored to lead this great group of men.

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9 years ago

Kirk, it was a great Q, man. You had some great Mud Run simulation stuff including the container, monkey bars, fence jumping, etc. Thank you for dealing with my whininess and acquesing on the 25 burpee max (mind you, I will now make sure to request a 10 turkish get-up max). Solid workout, man!

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

Solid morning. wow, that was a brisk start to HT. I believe you said, “lets go”…not RUN FAST! Whew, I chased you and paid for it most of the workout. Glad I drove in last minute.

Thanks for the credit, but I chased DK up the container. I also witnessed a handless leap, sort of hurdle-like, the fence.. DK lives up to his name. Beast mode!

We covered so much ground and I was so sick of carrying my headlamp, I set it by my car prior to the forest. Who new we’d have time to get out there as well. Thanks to Sky Walker for wearing a light house on his head.

The trailer was great..sorry Pudding if I got all handsey on your decent, DK and I were trying to help you down easy. If your doing the mud run, it happens..sorry!

9 years ago

Kirk, it looks like you lived up to your usual self. The line up of QIC’s has kept it fun at hydra, who’s mission is to bring movement, core, and bootcamp to the party.

I have an old U2 song playing right now and it goes “and a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” We can modify “a man needs a burpee like a fish needs a bicycle.” That line is for you Hopper!

More fun next week as Champagne brings it to Hydra, who’s workouts always have a “dang that hurts” element to them.

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